Combat Hate With Love This September

In a time of escalating hate and division in America, Divided We Fall (90 minutes) tells a story of how to combat hate with love and relentless optimism. As we approach the 15th anniversary of 9/11, we are collaborating with the Revolutionary Love Project to bring this message to campuses and communities across the country.

Each year in America, hate violence often occurs around the anniversary of 9/11. As we witness one of the most vitriolic campaign seasons in U.S. history, we know we can preempt hate when we bring communities together in acts of healing, storytelling and action.

The award-winning film Divided We Fall (2008) chronicles the heart-wrenching stories of Sikh and Muslim Americans who have responded to hate and violence with love since 9/11. It provides context to the current escalation of hate and is also a source of hope. The Sikh Coalition has joined in support of the new Revolutionary Love Project to put the film and dialogue tools in your hands for free.

Many communities have already signed up to host film screenings across the nation. Will you be next? The goal is at least 100 film screenings between now and Election Day. Signing up is simple! You can watch the film and sign up here, and the Revolutionary Love team will send you everything you need, including a Dialogue Guide and Lesson Plans.  We hope you will join the discussion. As always, it’s your voice in your community that plays such a pivotal role in changing the dialogue and making a lasting difference.

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