Baba Sehgal dedicates song to Donald Trump

Rap star and singer Baba Sehgal never failed to entertain with his hilarious songs and videos. This time, he’s taken a dig at none other than Donald Trump. Baba’s latest video Trump Ka Mania, dedicated to the US presidential nominee, has gone viral and is the latest talk of the town.

Baba Sehgal is best known for his work in Indipop and Telugu films. The 50-year-old, whose career began in the 90s, is known for his funny, silly songs. Some of them include his tribute to Rihanna in the song “Rihanna Oh Rihanna,” his display of love for food in “Aloo Ka Paratha” and “Chicken Fried Rice.”

In all seriousness, it’s a nod to Sehgal’s creativity and ability to rap about the U.S. political election in a way that has users sending the song to all their friends. The lyrics blend Hindi and English so that you can understand the song even if you don’t speak Hindi, for the most part, at least. If you can’t completely, all you have to understand is the song is about Trump’s mania spreading worldwide.

Sehgal himself has said he couldn’t resist doing a song about him because of the “je ne sais quoi” Trump possesses that earns the presidential candidate so many so-called fans.

While many celebs are either making fun of or rallying against the controversy-ridden US presidential candidate, Baba Sehgal, in his video, marvels at all the support he has been garnering with lines like: New York Chicago Orlando mein, Log khadey hain ghar ke verandon mein, Louisiana se panju boston se bong, Rally uski day by day is getting strong…

However, Baba clarifies that he has no political agenda, saying, “I have no political agenda. This song was not meant to support or diss him. It was made purely on his personality, temperament and attitude. I mentioned it in the description of the video too.” If you gain nothing but a good laugh from the video, you can appreciate the well-timed release of a song that is marketing gold.

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