A Celebration of the Goddesses with Garba by Legendary Atul Purhohit

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Chicago, IL: Hemant Brahmbhatt publisher of HI India and Ketan Patel from Shakti group presented’King of Garba’ Legendary Atul Purhohit on Saturday, September 24 2016 at spacious Odeum Sports and Expo Center, 1033 N. Villa Ave, Villa Park, IL. The event was completely sold out. Thousands of participants enjoyed dancing Raas Garba.

The whirling dancers, clapping hands, distinct sound of wooden sticks struck together, toe tapping music and people wearing vibrant colorful clothes marked the Navratri celebration at the Garba & Dandiya Raas dances held all over Chicagoland. This is part of the worship of Durga Mata who symbolizes the victory of good over evil; the Navratri celebration marks a festival of nine nights during which Hindus worship goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, the goddesses of health, prosperity and knowledge, respectively. While Navratri and Dussehra (the 10th day) are celebrated by Hindus with regional variations, the most famous one is from the state of Gujarat.

The name needs no introduction! The living legend, Atul Purohit, from Baroda is a world renowned master of Folk music and Garba singer who redefined the lines of classical music. He has evolved from a kid who identified his own talent in music and moved to Baroda to a storm that has swept the fans of his music off their feet. His classical style mixed with Hindustani, Bhajan and Sufi acted in his favor as he continued to win many more laurels to his name. His album Tara Vina Sham which become a very big hit and propelled him in the rank of the most famous Garba singer of all time. His events in the USA or any other place in world, attract a large crowd. It is not uncommon to see up to record 100,000 people attend his Navaratri Garba event Baroda. Purohit is well-regarded in the realm of “Sunderkand” and devotional songs. The “King of Garba,” as he is known, has been recognized by the Limca Book of World Records. Purohit’s music was graceful, and his intonation was smooth and did not need any exaggeration of loud instrumental beats. Many participants sang along to the famous lyrics.

The reason people love him could be perhaps “because I am sing from my heart and soul. The songs that I select are very old and original folk songs. I do give little variation in notes, but keep the soul, the ‘atma’ of the song,” adding, “The accompanying instrumentals are soft and just enough to keep a melodious pulse, so the fundamental harmony is still there.” said by Atul Purhohit

The singer was accompanied by Nrupesh Vora (Tabla), Rajendra Solanki (Dholak), Magan Raja (Dhol), and Jayesh Patel (Side on rhythm) Iqbal Mir was the composer, music arranger and on the keyboard. Dr. Kairavi Buch and Ms. Purhohit was the female singer.

The event started with prayers and bhajans to the Goddesses. Garba started with dancer revolving around ‘Mataji’s Garbi’ the idol of goddess Durga was seated in center of Odeum Sports and Expo Center with flowers, around which the traditional “Aarti” was performed. Most of the crowd present was downstairs dancing, while others were on the bleachers watching the grandeur from above.

While many took to the floor dancing until the wee hours of the morning, some sat on the bleachers either taking a break or just watching the energetic and graceful dancers. Near the entrance were stalls were set up to sell jewelry (Pragati International and Mahavir jewelers), clothes (Pose Mumbi) and decorative items.

He added that this massive celebration was successful because, “Preparations started months prior to the event as decisions regarding the invitation of World Renounced Singer MR. Atul Purohit and his party, with his orchestra, venue and sponsors had to be made well in advance for such a huge successful event

The sponsors for the event were Sponsors Hemanth Shah (ACCU Tax), Nirav Patel (7-11), Sanjay Bhatt (7-11), Bhavesh Patel (Vision Service) and Mahir Barot (HI India) and Jasbir Suga (Suga Builders). The event was successful to due extreme hard work from Hemant Brhambhatt publisher of HI India. Ketan Patel from Shakti group, financial support from all the sponsors and hard work from all the volunteers.

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