NRI woman goes to social media over alleged sexism by Six Flags for ‘Inappropriate’ T-shirt

Bina Ramesh was recently denied entry to the Six Flags amusement park in Jackson, NJ because a male security guard deemed the shirt she was wearing to be “inappropriate”.

You may be think that Ramesh was wearing some sort of see-thru halter top or shirt with an offensive message, but think again! Ramesh was wearing a simple v-neck cut grey t-shirt, similar to the style you would find in any department store. Ramesh was told by the security guard she would have to change her shirt if she wanted to be allowed in the park.

Here’s where the story takes an interesting turn. Ramesh returned to the parking lot and switched shirts with her male friend to prove that there was nothing offensive about the shirt itself. Lo and behold, when the pair went to re-enter the park they were allowed admission without a single issue.

In a Facebook post regarding the incident, Ramesh says “Apparently, when a boy wears the same top, it’s fine, so thank you for swapping shirts with me in the parking lot because we still live in a world of

“As I was entering Six Flags I was stopped by security because my top was considered inappropriate for the park’s standards,” Ramesh, 22, posted on Instagram July 10 about the incident.

Her shirt (as seen in the above photo) was a basic gray V-neck style cutoff T-shirt. She then returned to her car and exchanged shirts with her male friend, Adonis Blanco Jimenez, and then went back to the entrance and both were admitted into the park.

“Apparently when a boy wears the same top, it’s fine,” she added. “So thank you for swapping shirts with me in the parking lot because we still live in a world of ridiculous double standards and sexism.”

Ramesh also tweeted the same day, “s/o @SixFlags security guard for inconveniencing my day because he couldn’t keep his eyes off my cleavage.”

The young woman also posted her angst from the amusement park incident on Facebook, which had hundreds of people supporting her with nearly 400 likes and about 150 shares.

After voicing her displeasure throughout the social media space, Six Flags issued Ramesh an apology. Ramesh posted the apology on her Instagram.

“We are extremely sorry for the experience you had while at the park. Our goal is for all our guests to have a fun visit and we understand this was not the case for you. Our team members are trained, and then asked to use their judgement in carrying out our policies. These particular officers did not use good judgement and there is no reason you should have been denied entry,” the apology read.

Additionally, Six Flags offered her and her friend — who are both season pass holders — to return to the park.

Ramesh said she intends to return to the park, but was voicing her opinion on the incident solely to receive acknowledgement from the park that she was treated unfairly, which she accomplished.

Many media outlets, including Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue and Elle, ran the story and it went viral, leading to the park apology.

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