Ajay Devgn’s “Shivaay,” an adventure/action caper with heart

Ajay Devgn’s second directorial venture, “Shivaay,” is the story of an ordinary man in an extraordinary circumstance. Young, cool, contemporary, dexterous, swift and foolish, Shivaay is a Himalayan mountaineer who is an innocent everyman and, yet, is capable of TRANSFORMING into a mean DESTROYER when he needs to PROTECT his family.

Shivaay sports a snake and Trishul tatoo, dresses in a cool grunge style and sports a “calm before the storm” demeanor. His abundant held energy can pre-empt nature, and his observation skills are as developed as his brawn. Thus, his anger can be channelized for a larger common good.

Shivaay lives by the leitmotif that destiny is pre-written. He is satisfied in his isolated world and is not very ambitious. He believes that: “Joh ek baar Shivaay ban jaaye use aur kuch banne ki kya zaroorat hai” (translation: once a man becomes a “Shivaay,” he does not need to become anything else).

An avid, risk-savvy mountaineer and hiking trainer, he is leading a simple peaceful life in the lap of the Himalayas, until one fine day he is pushed to leave his comfort zone to protect his family.
Challenged at every step, he must now use all his faculties to defeat evil. When faced with a large mass of faceless villains spread all over the world and pushed against nihilism, Shivaay eventually becomes a DESTROYER.

In pre-production for more than two years, the film “Shivaay” has employed an unprecedented and invincible team from five different countries to execute action sequences in extreme locations that have never been seen before in Bollywood.

What makes it even more special is that every action sequence in the film is led by emotion; the film is a large-scale adventure action caper with strong emotions. A German action team, a mix of Polish, British, Bulgarian and Indian specialists and actors creates the film’s international look.

The 400-strong crew had to go beyond their comfort zone to create something new and shoot in minus 19 degree Celsius conditions. The visuals of the film are on a grand Hollywood scale. The production house, ADFFilms, had the task of coordinating with a global crew that spoke several languages including Hindi, English, Polish, Bulgarian and German.

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