IIT AGNE, PanIIT plan 2016 Leadership conference in Rhode Island

IIT AGNE, PanIIT plan 2016 Leadership conference in Rhode Island

The IIT Association of Greater New England (IIT AGNE) and the PANIIT USA have planned to the 2016 Leadership Conference at the Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI, from August 12-14, 2016. Since 2013, these IIT conferences have enjoyed participation from senior business executives as well as academic and technology decision makers. The theme for this year is, “Leading transformation for a better tomorrow: Technologies that lift the human spirit.”

The event is to have a dazzling array of thought leaders across industries and technologies, a gathering to paint a vision of the future. To highlight the opportunities for change and to explore how it will impact you personally, at work and within the larger society. The theme of the 2016 Leadership Conference “Leading transformation for a better tomorrow: Technologies that lift the human spirit” highlights the transformational impact science and technology have on our lives. The meet is open to everyone and not just IIT alumni, it was announced last week at the Indian consulate last week during a special event organized at the Indian Consulate in New York.

The 21st century is witness to accelerating change across economies and beyond political boundaries. With growing populations, global climatic changes, and resource limitations the challenges seem daunting. In the past human ingenuity has delivered a constant stream of innovations to address such issues. What will tomorrow bring?

New England is host to world class thought leaders and game-changing innovations that address these challenges and can dramatically transform the future. Their ideas and innovations have ranged from technologies that augment life at home to enhancements that address health and lifestyle of changing demographics; from large scale disruptions in established industries to major policy impacts at city, state and national levels.

According to the conference chair, Raj Laad, “The conference will bring together a dazzling array of thought leaders in areas where New England leads the rest of the world such as Life sciences and Healthcare, Energy and Environment, Big Data and Education. With over 1,200 attendees and 100 speakers expected, you are sure to find it a fun, exciting and enriching experience.”

Key speakers featured at the conference include Massachusetts-based technology and social entrepreneur Dr. Gururaj Deshpande, CEO and founder of TripAdvisor Steve Kaufer, COO of GR Boston Eric Gebhardt, FedEx EVP of Marketing Rajesh Subramaniam, chair of NASA MARS mission Dr. Amitabha Ghosh and Dean of Harvard Business School, Dr. Nitin Nohria. The wide ranging series of keynotes, panels and discussions in the conference would revolve around topics related to Life sciences, Healthcare, Energy and Environment, Finance, Frontiers of Technology, Education, Women in technology. A highlight of the conference is the Business Plan competition, where emerging entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas to potential investors.

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