NRI Youth Outreach in support of Hillary Clinton launched

NRI Youth Outreach in support of Hillary Clinton launched

Saket Singh and Parth Patel, two Indian American teenagers, supporting Hillary Clinton are planning to reach out to youth from the Indian American community through social media to give a boost to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign.

Saket Singh, who was earlier a strong supporter of Donald Trump, now believes Clinton is his choice to be the next president of the U.S.

“This is my final decision. No more changes,” Saket Singh, 18, told the media in an interview outside a Clinton rally, where he, along with his younger sister, Sneha Singh, 10; and another friend, high school student Parth Patel, were campaigning in support of the former Secretary of State.

“Now that Bernie Sanders is out, she will get the support of the youth,” said Saket Singh, who is headed to India in a few days. “I was initially a Donald Trump supporter. I went to one of his rallies, but those are not the values I believe in,” said Saket Singh, who moved to the U.S. as a one year old along with his parents who are IT professionals.

A few weeks ago, Saket Singh and Patel, along with some other Indian American friends, came together to lead the youth group of ‘Hindus for Hillary’ through which they said they plan to launch a nationwide campaign among Indian Americans to come out and vote in support of Clinton in the November general elections.

“I was also a Donald Trump supporter, but Hillary changed my mind,” said Patel, whose father is a software developer and whose mother is a dermatologist. “Donald Trump is more of an extremist, and Hillary sides with my social views and social issues,” he told PTI.

Saket Singh and Patel said they now plan to use the power of social media and the Internet to reach out to Hindu American youth to garner support for Clinton. A recent survey revealed that Indian Americans overwhelmingly support Clinton over Trump.

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