Indian National Overseas Congress, USA Welcomes New Indian Consul General Ambassador Riva Ganguly Das

Indian National Overseas Congress, USA Welcomes New Indian Consul General Ambassador Riva Ganguly Das

After extending a very warm welcome and offering a hand of friendship and cooperation to the new Indian Consul General, the senior leaders of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA wished her all the success in her stewardship of the consulate office in New York.  The officials expressed pride and praised her credentials and the high reputation of which she came to New York. The meeting took place on May 31, 2016, at the Consulate in New York.

It was made known by INOC, USA that Capt. Amarinder Singh’s visit to New York had unfortunately delayed their formal courtesy visit to the Ambassador despite the fact that many of its officials had already had the benefit of meeting her earlier at other functions.

The Ambassador treated the group to high tea and listened earnestly to the work INOC, USA was routinely performing in helping the Indian diaspora vis-a-vis services meted out by the Indian government and how they could remain compliant with the requirement of the Indian government regulations relating to items such as, passports, visas, financial transactions, Income taxes, land use, inheritances, and marriages, apart from helping in building bridges and good relations between India and USA. The Ambassador stated that her door is always open, and she is all ears to any suggestion or concerns we may have in which the Consulate could play a constructive role.

The Chairman, Mr. George Abraham, traced the history of INOC, USA, and the rapport that it has had with New Delhi.  The President Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian mentioned some of the problems several of the Indians here were facing due to lack of local immigrant status. Secretary-General Mr. Harbachan Singh expressed general satisfaction in the improved quality and speed in which the consulate services were currently being rendered and discussed the need for India to continue to build its case for the permanent UN Security Council seat and to pursue it actively.  Others discussed how INOC, USA could collaborate on a host of other items with the Consulate, which could benefit the Indian diaspora as well as fulfill their desire to show their love and respect their mother country.   The meeting concluded with the intention to remain in close contact in pursuing many of the pending issues. The delegation also included Malini Shah (Chairperson, Women’s Forum), Tejinder Gill (President, Punjab Chapter) and Girish Vaidya (Executive Committee Member).

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