Association of Indian Pharmacists in America holds annual banquet and business expo

Association of Indian Pharmacists in America holds annual banquet and business expo

Chicago IL: Harish Bhatt, President of the renowned Association of Indian Pharmacists in America (AIPHA), hosted AIPHA’s Annual Banquet and Business Expo on Sunday, May 15, 2016 at the Meadows Club, 2950 W Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, IL. The AIPHA Banquet and Expo offers a platform in which members can network amongst themselves, as well as gives them an opportunity to meet and greet with the decision makers that influence change.

The Banquet was attended by many dignitaries including Consul General of Chicago, Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, Jay Stewart, director of professional regulation, Dr. Yash Amin, director of drug compliance, Alex Hemsley, director of policy and procedure, Hardik Bhatt, chief information officer, Aarti Parikh, investigator for professional regulation, Marcus Evens, state representative, Thaddeus Jones, state representative, Shahab Udddin, chairman of Qatar Airways, Jeff Brannon & Mike Synor from Cardinal Drugs, Mark Andricks and Tony Ferrante from HD Smith and Raja Krishnamoorthi, next congressman from the 8th district of IL.

Association of Indian Pharmacists in America holds annual banquet and business expo“Tonight, we are celebrating our survival; another year has passed and we continue to level with our big chains and mail order competitors,” said, AIPHA President, Harish Bhatt. “We proudly represent many of the independent pharmacies in the state of Illinois, and remain resilient when faced with doubts of sustainability.” He urged the attendees and everyone concerned about the growing healthcare costs to hold the insurance companies accountable and to make certain that willing providers are permitted to serve the communities. “We need to cut the red tape to help us practice, which will in turn create more jobs and solidify our playing ground. Separate from this detrimental issue, how are we, as independent pharmacy owners, expected to practice when we are being set up to fail. I encourage every pharmacist to come together to negotiate with the state, with one voice.’ he added.

Bhatt congratulated The Department of Professional Regulation for their hard work in standardizing the violation chart so every pharmacist has a clear understanding of what is expected of the thorough pharmacist self-check.

Bollywood singer Shibani Kashyap, an Indian singer, who is actively working in Bollywood film industry, rocked the gala on Saturday night.  Vendors, including Cardinal Drugs, HD Smith Drugs, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, McKesson Drugs, Trividia Health, Smith Drugs, Micro Merchant Pharmacy Software, Colossal Drugs, Pharmancy Automation, Parata, Windmill Vitamins, Alpine Health, Best Rx Pharmacy Software, DAA Pharmacy Software, Tele Pharm, Qatar Airways  and Diva International (feminine products), were recognized on stage for contributing to the success of this event.

The Association of Indian Pharmacists of America is an organization dedicated to increasing cultural awareness and promoting diversity through various pharmaceutical services, promotional, and social events. The national organization of the Association of Indian Pharmacists in America (AIPHA) was founded in 1985 by 20 members. Today, there are over 453 members. The student chapter of AIPHA at the University of Illinois-College of Pharmacy was established in 1996 with the same drive and initiative that was shown in 1985.

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