Jaydeep Patel of New Jersey Charged With Stabbing Grandmother

Jaydeep Patel of New Jersey Charged With Stabbing Grandmother

Jaydeep Patel, a 26-year-old Indian American man in New Jersey has been arrested and charged with killing his 73-year-old grandmother, Ramila Patel on April 20th. As per reports, police found the 73-year-old Patel after authorities had responded to a home on 9th Street in North Bergen, N.J.

According to  Hudson County prosecutor Esther Suarez,Patel, who had been stabbed multiple times in her torso, was transported to a hospital but was pronounced dead around 8 a.m. Jaydeep Patel, Ramila Patel’s grandson, who lived together at the North Bergen home, was arrested and charged with the murder, as well as two separate weapons charges, the nj.com report said.

Neighbors of the alleged killer said he is an engineer who spoke often of how much he loved his father who passed away of a heart attack about two years ago, according to the report. “The kid, he used to come here all the time since I got Parkinson’s dystonia. He used to tell me how to eat better,” one neighbor, Hector Millet, told nj.com, who has lived in the neighborhood for nearly three decades.

“He used to talk to me about his future… He was a happy-going kid. He was always happy. Never in my mind did I think that something like that was going to happen.” The overall feel of many of the neighbors, many of whom declined comment in the nj.com report, said the Patels were nice. “He loved computers. We would talk about computers. We would talk about religion,” Millet added.

Another neighbor, who chose to remain anonymous, said that Jaydeep Patel and his mother had been having verbal fights of late which led to the grandmother – Patel’s paternal grandmother – wanting them to move out. Prosecutor’s office officials declined to comment on the motive of the crime, and could not confirm when Jaydeep Patel would appear in court. The homicide is the first of the year in the New Jersey city.

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