10 Credit Hours of CME Offered to Participants During 34th Annual AAPI convention in New

(New York, NY: April 6, 2016) The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) that represents more than 100,000  Indian American Physicians, reflects the range of physician specialties seen in the physician community at large with 61% in Primary Care, 33% in Medical sub-specialties and 6% in surgical sub-specialties. Medical specialty representation includes pediatrics, psychiatry, anesthesiology/pain management, cardiology, family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, gastroenterology pathology, endocrinology, nephrology, rheumatology along with many other fields.

The 34th Annual AAPI Convention & Scientific Assembly will be held at Marriott Marquis in New York, NY from June 30 to July 4, 2016.  The multidisciplinary CME conference during the convention allows specialists and primary care physicians to interact in an academic forum. World-renowned speakers will discuss gaps between current and best practice of wide-ranging topics of CME sessions.

It’s a well known fact that physicians of Indian origin excel in their respective areas of work and continue to play key roles in patient care, administration, academics and medical research. In order to cater to its diversity of medical specialties, AAPI continues to use a multi-disciplinary conference format. “The essence of AAPI is educational,” Dr. Seema Jain, president of AAPI, while describing the purpose of CME said.

According to Dr. Seema Jain, “That translates into numerous Continuing Medical Education and non-CME seminars by experts in their fields. CME will provide comprehensive and current reviews and guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of various disease states to reduce morbidity and mortality and achieve cost effective quality care outcomes. At the end of the activity, it is expected that attendees will gain an understanding of the causation, diagnosis and the best clinical practices for the management of the diverse group of diseases discussed during this program.”

On Friday, July 1st, Dr. Donald Lloyd Jones, Writer of AHA and ACC Guidelines & Chairman of PSM at North Western University, Chicago IL will present CME on New Cholesterol Guidelines and Implication. Dr. Jeffrry Mackanick, Director of Clinical Diabetes MSSM will discuss with the delegates on Guidelines in management of Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes. Dr. Clive Rosendoeff will present on Recent trends in Management of Hypertension.

Management of Prostate related disease and Cancer of Prostate will be the topic discussed by Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Chair Of Urology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, while Modern Trends in Management of Multiple Myeloma will be presented by Dr. Sunder Jaggannath, Director Of Multiple Myeloma Center, NY. New Imaging Guidelines for smokers and Contemporary Management will be addressed in his presentation by Dr. Manjit Bains at Sloan Kattering Memorial Hospital, NYC. Dr. Sanjeev Gupta will address the delegates on New Development Inflammatory Liver Disease.

On Saturday, Dr. Valentine Fuster, Editor in Chief of JACC, will deliver his address on ways to “Promoting Cardio Vascular Health Globally From Heart to Head.” Dr. Robert Banow, Editor in Chief of JAMA Cardiology, will discuss with participants about the “Timing Of Surgical intervention for Mitral/Aortic Valve regurgitation.” Dr. Javed Butler, Chief of Cardiology at State of New York University, Stony Brook, will focus his lecture on Advances in Heart Failure, while Dr. Devendra Mehta,

Director of EP Services at St. Luke Hospital, NYC will present on Advances in Treatment of Arrhythmias. The lecture by Dr. John Puskus, Chairman of Cardio Thoracic Surgery at Beth Israel Medical Center, NY will be on Complete Arterial Vascularization, and, Dr. Samin Sharma, Chair Of Cardiology at Mt Sinai Medical Center, NYC will address the audience on Advances in Interventional Cardiology.

On Sunday, July 3, 2016, the focus will be mental health issues. Depression and Mood Disorder of Moods in Women will be topic addressed by Dr. A. Patkar and Association, while Dr. Samuel Gandy will address on Mild Cognitive Dysfunction to Alzheimer Disease is Prevention or Option. Dr. Sharmila Makhija, Chair of OB/GYN at Albert Einstein Medical Center’s theme will be on Recent Advances in Management of Cancer of Ovary, Dr. James Abraham from the Cleveland Clinic will address on New Advances in Management of Cancer of Breast, and the final presentation will be on Women Health and Advances.

The 34th annual AAPI Convention in New York from June 30th through July 1st, 2016, while providing physicians of Indian origin an opportunity to come together in an atmosphere of collegiality, it will enable them to retrace and appreciate their common roots, culture and the bond that unites them as members of this large professional community.

Giving them a platform to celebrate their accomplishments, the annual convention to be attended by nearly 2,000 physicians of Indian origin, it will also provide a forum to renew their professional commitment through continuing medical educations activities.

The annual convention this year is being organized by AAPI’s New Jersey Chapter, headed by Dr. Rita Ahuja, who said, “The 2016 AAPI Annual Convention & Scientific Assembly offers an exciting venue to interact with leading physicians, health professionals, academicians, and scientists of Indian origin. Physicians and healthcare professionals from across the country will convene and participate in the scholarly exchange of medical advances, to develop health policy agendas, and to encourage legislative priorities in the coming year.”

“Many of the physicians who will attend this convention have excelled in different specialties and subspecialties and occupy high positions as faculty members of medical schools, heads of departments, and executives of hospital staff. The AAPI Convention offers an opportunity to meet directly with these physicians who are leaders in their fields and play an integral part in the decision-making process regarding new products and services,” Dr. Seema Jain added.

AAPI is an umbrella organization which has nearly 160 local chapters, specialty societies and alumni organizations. For over 30 years, Indian physicians have made significant contributions to health care in this country, not only practicing in inner cities, rural areas and peripheral communities but also at the top medical schools and other academic centers. Almost 10%-12% of medical students entering US schools are of Indian origin. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, AAPI represents the interests of over nearly 100,000 physicians, medical students and residents of Indian heritage in the United States. It is the largest ethnic medical organization in the nation. For more details and registration for the convention, please visit: www.aapiconvention.org and www.aapiusa.org

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