ATA Day Gala held as a grand precursor for ATA Convention

ATA Day Gala held as a grand precursor for ATA Convention

Chicago IL: American Telugu Association [ATA] hosted a grand ATA Day Gala pervaded by palpable excitement and soaring spirits permeating the evening  with overflowing guests packed to the capacity at the grand ballroom in Sheraton Hotel in Lisle, Illinois on Saturday, February 27, 2016. This ATA Day gala was held as a reaffirming precursor leading up to the magnificent milestone silver jubilee ATA Convention to be held in July 1-3, 2016 at Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago, IL.

The highlight of the ATA DAY gala was the huge haul of overflowing donations of over $812,000 from inspired donors touching a groundbreaking milestone to help host grand ATA Convention on an unparalleled scale and magnitude.  The glittering evening   was replete with music, dance, singing enhanced by the presence of prominent Tollywood/Bollywood actress Tapsee Pannu. The central objective of the evening gala was eloquently articulated to inspire Telugu families all across to converge for the milestone 25-years ATA Convention in Chicago and make it a runaway success.  The evening attracted the attendance of prominent ATA pioneering, intermediary and contemporary leaders from all across the country with Democratic front runner for the United States Congress Raja Krishnamoorthi stepping in as an honored guest and spelled out his robust support to the large growing constituency of Telugu people and complimented them for their soaring success in America.

ATA Day Gala held as a grand precursor for ATA ConventionAfter the lighting of the auspicious lamp by prominent ATA leaders, there was a presentation of an artistically choreographed invocation dance by young children which set the grand ATA Day gala in motion with series of inspiring remarks each convincingly motivating to host one of the most memorable conventions in the annals of the history of American Telugu Association.

ATA Silver Jubilee Convention Convener Chandrasekhar Reddy Palvai welcoming the guests earlier ardently thanked for their spirited pledge of participation in supporting ATA Convention with their resource and urged each Telugu family to be a valued partner in coming together to host the most memorable silver jubilee convention in ATA’s history. Chandrasekhar Reddy Palvai lasted on the podium passionately beseeching the potential donors to rise up to donate generously and identifying the donors and acknowledging them for their support.

Hanumanth Reddy, ATA Founder visibly excited at the unprecedented gathering and the groundswell support from all corners of the country thanked the guests for their proactive support.

ATA Day Gala held as a grand precursor for ATA ConventionPresiding over the fundraising facet, KK Reddy, Convention Director in his persuasive eloquence inspired the guests to step forward to donate.  KK Reddy appealed to the better angels of the spirit of altruism seeking support to help host magnificent ATA convention and the charitable causes ATA is so passionately espouses.  KK Reddy continued to emphasize on the significance of financial partnership from the individuals, organizations and corporations in building a sound financial foundations to unveil a spectacular ATA convention and, in addition, also to build enduring fiscal reserves for ATA’s humanitarian mission projects.

Kamala Chimata, Convention Coordinator spelled out the goals of the convention. Convention Co-Convener Krishna Mushyam conducted the program event with his interspersing introductions; while Jagan Bukkaraju, Convention Co-Convener, Radhakrishna Reddy, Dr. Meher Medavaram Venkat Tudi, Ramana Abbaraju, Uma Katki, Sujatha Appalaneni, Karumuri brothers rendered valuable assistance in conducting program management.  Ramesh Garapaty introduced the cultural programs.

Keerthi Kumar Ravoori made a rousing summation on the grand plans being undertaken to host a massive convention. Among the donors, Srinivas Reddy Sarikonda, Satish Velpuru emerged as one of the highest donors. President-elect Karunakar Asireddy, who spoke on the occasion along with Anil Bodireddy represented a strong contingent of Atlanta ATA team of eight. Some of the key ATA members at the gala include Dr. Murthy Chimata, Yedavalli Ramanamurthy, Ramesh Tummuru, Amar Nettem, Venu & Ramana Abbaraju, venkat Tudi.

Tollywood/Bollywood actress: Taapsee Pannu in her remarks made a stirring pitch for ATA convention and laid- out the significance of paying back to the community, society and the country through financial resources. Actress Tapsee Pannu paid glowing tributes to ATA leaders for their steadfast devotion in promoting humanitarian causes.  To the great amusement of the guests, actress: Taapsee performed an impromptu dance which received sustained applause and cheering.

Some of the convention committee chairs who attended include Srinivas Pedamallu, Mohan Manne, Dr Prakasam Tata, Mani Tellapragada, Usha Pariti, Prasuna Vootkur, Sundar Dittakavi, Raghav Jatla, Sujatha Appalaneni, Satish Chilla, Govind Vundru, Dr. Vijaya Susarla, Srinivas Reddy, Karunakar Reddy Doddam, Jayadev Mattupalli, Sarada Mettupalli, Chalama Reddy Bandaru, Sai Yendamuri, Mohan Kakarlapudi, Srinivas Voruganti, Dr. Viswanatham Susarla, Mahidhar  Musukula, Krishna Rangaraju, Ramesh Poola, Hari Raini, Maruti Ram Gudavalli, Dr. Uma katiki , Bhanu Swargam, Saipriya Reddy, TanviShri Jatla, Harsha Vardhan Reddy, Sarath Yettapu and Saimithra Reddy

Vindya of MAA TV anchored the program; while Rahul Sipligunj crooned late into the night to the captive enthralled audience. ATA hosted a grand evening dinner arranged by Tamarind Restaurant. For more information, please visit ATA

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