Shahnaz Husain Invited To Speak On “Ayurveda – India’s ancient Cosmetic Science” at the Pre-Oscar Event

Shahnaz Husain Invited To Speak On “Ayurveda – India’s ancient Cosmetic Science” at the Pre-Oscar Event

Los Angeles, CA: Recognizing the fact that India today leads the International cosmetic empire, leading Indian herbal beauty expert Shahnaz Husain has been invited to speak on “Ayurveda – India’s ancient Cosmetic Science” at the Pre-Oscar function, part of the Oscar Award event, highlighting the dangers of chemicals and power of herbs, to be held in Beverly Hills, California.

According to Siddhartha Sengupta, Chief General Manager of Corporation Communications,  the formal invite mentions “Ayurveda is the only natural alternative – this is just what Beverly Hills and Hollywood is looking for.”

Shahnaz Husain has brought her unique range of products aimed at alleviating the effects of chemotherapy on the skin and hair around the world. The Shahnaz Husain story is the story of the spirit of true entrepreneurship. It provides a rare insight into the individual qualities that make one person stand apart from the rest. It is the story of a woman, a first generation entrepreneur, a pioneer, visionary and innovator, who introduced a totally new concept of Ayurvedic Care and Cure worldwide, with universal appeal and application. It is the story of a woman who created a brand and an international market for Ayurvedic beauty and health care. In a world ridden with environmental degradation, Shahnaz Husain opened the windows of the world to Nature and its healing powers, taking the Indian herbal heritage of Ayurveda to every corner of the globe with a crusader’s zeal.

Shahnaz Husain, the pioneer of organic beauty care, has achieved unprecedented international acclaim for her practical application of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of herbal healing. Just when there was a worldwide “back to nature” trend, Shahnaz Husain recaptured an ancient herbal system and made it relevant to modern demands. Almost four decades ago, she adopted the principle of Ayurveda, based on an integrated system of clinical treatments and product ranges. In fact, her career has been a constant search for a better alternative. Her study of Ayurveda, the Indian holistic system of herbal healing, strengthened her faith in nature, finding that it could offer the ideal answers to protective, preventive and even corrective cosmetic-care. Today, her name has become the brand and she is herself the brand ambassador. She heads the largest organization of its kind in the world, with a chain of over 400 franchise clinics, shops, schools and spas worldwide, as well as Ayurvedic formulations for skin, hair, body and health care. Her journey, from one herbal clinic to a worldwide chain, is one of unprecedented success.

Born into a conservative family, Shahnaz had to comply with existing traditions and was married at the tender age of 15, becoming a mother by the time she was 16. She trained for ten years in cosmetic therapy and cosmetology, at leading institutions of the West, like Helena Rubinstein, Swarzkopf, Christine Valmy, Lancome and Lean of Copenhagen. Adopting the principle of “Care and Cure,” she set up her own herbal clinic, in her own home, with very little capital investment, formulating products for skin, hair and body care, based on the Ayurvedic system and devising clinical treatments for specific problems. Her formulations and treatments have become breakthroughs in natural beauty care. In fact, she has also become known for specialized treatments for specific skin and scalp disorders.

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