Second Annual Youth Career Planning Seminar

Second Annual Youth Career Planning Seminar

Chicago IL: “The world of work has been undergoing a metamorphosis, on account of the surging tide of liberalization, privatization, and globalization. As a result, existing careers are losing their sheen and new careers are cropping up, at a mind-boggling pace. This calls for systematic, scientific, and objective career planning by youth in order to ensure that the careers that they choose are in line with these global trends”, said Hitesh Gandhi, Executive Vice President, Gandhi Samaj of Chicago (GSC) in his welcome address at the Second Annual Youth Career Planning Seminar. The event was organized by the GSC at Poplar Creek Public Library 1405 Spark Ave Streamwood IL 60107 on January 31st2016 between 1:00 and 4: 00 PM.

Continuing his address, Gandhi urged the students to consider their aptitude, debt that they are willing to carry, job prospects, and average expected salary before deciding on their majors. “It is of utmost importance to carefully consider the academic, financial, and social issues before zeroing in on the right college to pursue higher education”, he added.

Neha Gheewala, a noted IT and Financial Auditor, said that graduates with accounting major have the highest percentage of job offers, followed by economics, computer science, and engineering. He advised students to equip themselves with a degree in accounting as well as such certifications as Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, Chartered Global Management Accountant, Certified Financial Manager, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Government Financial Manager, Certified Financial Planner, etc. in order to take a lion’s share of emerging career opportunities.

Ashi Shah, a well-known Dentist, said that demand for qualified dentists, during 2014-’24, is expected to increase at the rate of 18%, when compared to a mere 7% in other occupations. He advised students to appear for Dental Admission Test to secure admission in a reputed School. He added that dentists can pursue higher education to become Orthodontist, Oral Surgeon, Periodontist, Prosthodontist, Endodontics, etc.

Dipesh Gandhi, Clinical Risk Manager, AMITA Health Adventist Midwest Health, stated that entry into Law School requires a good score at the Law School Admission Test. He said that in order to practice law, law graduates must successfully sit for and pass the State Bar Examination. He added that Health Law, which calls for clinical and legal experience, is very specialized area which offers career opportunities in such areas as Medical Malpractice, Medical Malpractice Defense, Corporate Transactions, Managed Care, Fraud and Abuse, etc.

Jay Gandhi, a professional Pharmacist, said that the increasing requirement for prescription medicines will lead to more demand for pharmacists in a wide range of settings, including Community Pharmacies, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Industry, Government Departments, Academics, etc. He advised students to appear for Pharmacy College Admission Test in order to secure admission in a college of their choice.

Hiren D. Ghayal, Youth Secretary, GSC said that a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology opens a number of doors in such fields as Teaching, Research, Assessment, Treatment, Consultation Services, Clinical Supervision, etc. “One can either establish his own private practice or find well-paying jobs in Mental Health Clinics, Healthcare Service Organizations, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, etc.”, he added.

Rebecca Romero said that pursuing college education is a worthwhile proposition considering the fact that the median weekly earnings of those with bachelor degree and above was in the range of USD 1101-1591, whereas, it was as low as USD 668 for those with High School Diploma. She added that Illinois Student Assistance Commission’s Student Portal ( helps students with each step in the college-going process by giving them best-in-class online tools and the information they need to make smart college choices, navigate the financial aid process, and manage their money.

Anita Gajula from My College Planning Team said that those with the most knowledge often receive the most financial aid rather than those with the greatest financial need. She advised students to go through the following two books before selecting a college: “Colleges that Change Lives” by Loren Pope; “Paying for Colleges without Going Broke” by Kalman Chany.

Hary Gandhi, Joint Secretary, GSC spoke about multiple career prospects in different branches of engineering. Keith Stewart from the Princeton Review gave an overview of the two most popular standardized College Entrance Tests—ACT and SAT.

The presentations were followed by a Questions-and-Answers Session. All the speakers provided detailed answers to the questions raised by the students to their satisfaction. They shared their contact details and encouraged the students to feel free to seek their guidance as and when it is required. The event was sponsored by C2 Education, My College Planning Team, DeVry University, The Princeton Review, Illinois Student Assistance Commission, and the Poplar Creek Library. Sai Saffron, Spice Box, Asian Media USA, and TV Asia extended support, in multiple ways, in organizing the event. Ashwin Bodalia, Treasurer, GSC proposed a vote of thanks.

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