Prasad Moparti’s Death On Visit To Daughter’s Wedding Shocks Many

Prasad Moparti traveled all the way from his native Hyderabad to Sacramento, California, to attend his daughter’s wedding reception in January this year. Last week, police found his body floating in a river a few miles from the reception at historic Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove.

Law enforcement officials were unsure as to what had happened to the 55-year-old man who reportedly disappeared from the wedding reception on February 13, or how he landed in river water. He was reported missing that day by his relatives, who told authorities that he had left on foot and never returned.

Reports said quoting family members that he walked away about 4 p.m. from his daughter’s wedding reception at the Grand Island Mansion, a popular waterfront wedding resort in the region’s delta region about 30 miles south of Sacramento. He was reported missing a few hours later.

“Our only focus is to get our father back,” a local Fox affiliate quoted his daughter Durga as saying,’ according to an earlier report by Washington Post. She said she and the family will continue efforts until Moparti was found and brought back home.

But by the time Moparti was found, he was dead. News reports said the Sacramento County coroner confirmed that authorities had found the body of Moparti, Feb. 22 in a waterway about five miles downstream from the wedding reception where he was last seen alive Feb. 13.

The Washington Post earlier said Sheriff’s officials searched for three days for Moparti “utilizing all resources” to find Moparti who was not familiar with the area, but in vain, but the officials said at that time that no foul play or suspicious circumstances were suspected.

Sgt. Tony Turnbull, a sheriff’s department spokesman, told the Post after he went missing that Investigators believed Moparti was suffering from “some kind of depression.” His daughter, however, said that her father was an active participant in the wedding events.

At the wedding itself, “our dad was really very happy,” she said, according to Sacramento Bee. “He was dancing. He was really joyful.” Investigators said they have not determined whether Moparti’s died accidentally. “We may never know what happened,” Turnbull was quoted as sayin

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