Nikki Haley Dismisses Rumors of Running for Vice President

Nikki Haley Dismisses Rumors of Running for Vice President

Nikki Haley, the popular Governor of South Carolina has dismissed rumors of her running for Vice President of the United States in the upcoming presidential elections. Amid reports that she was emerging as a “fantastic choice” to be the Republican Party’s vice presidential candidate, Indian American Governor has ruled out any such possibility, saying her “plate is full.” She said she is quite “content” with her responsibilities as the governor of South Carolina and the mother of two kids.

When asked about the latest media reports that Rubio-Haley would be a dream Republican ticket, Haley told Fox News in an interview: “Not at all. I have said my plate is full. I am not only a mom, my daughter is going to college next year, and my son is in middle school. I got a state that I love. We have not finished all the work we want to finish here.

“So I am totally content and happy in South Carolina. What I do want to see is that America gets a great president,” the 44-year-old said in a joint appearance with Rubio on Fox News in South Carolina.

“I think we can do that with Marco Rubio,” she said, responding to questions of her potential campaign as the vice presidential mate of Rubio, which is being reported by some major media outlets.

Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina said that he is “all for” Haley being picked for vice president. Haley is articulate and a strong leader who went “through the fire” during a tragic 2015 in the state, he said. “She would be a fantastic choice and one that I think the country would be quite responsive to,” Scott said.

However, The Washington Post offered a word of caution. “A Rubio-Haley ticket might be many things. But a panacea for the GOP’s sundry political and demographic challenges? It certainly is not,” it said. But for The New York Observer, a Rubio-Haley ticket would be Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare.

“The sight of Florida Senator Marco Rubio standing side-by-side with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley after her blockbuster endorsement of his candidacy for president days before the South Carolina GOP primary gave the appearance of a presidential ticket that would be a game changer for the 2016 campaign,” it said.

“Maybe a Hispanic-Asian ticket with one candidate who’s rediscovering his tea-party roots and another who’s made herself into the top union-hater in the country is the best they can do,” The New Yorker wrote.

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