NAMAM Award Nite In New Jersey

NAMAM Award Nite In New Jersey

NAMAM Excellence Award Night Show has been planned for Saturday, March 19th at 5.00 pm in Edison, New Jersey. “As all you know NAMAM is a leading Cultural organization engaged in various community outreach programs and activities in the Tri-state area,” said Madhavan B Nair, NAMAM Chairman.

“The opportunity to attend this function can open to the door to meet many individuals that have played an important role in the development of our community,” Nair said. “It is an opportunity to introduce you and create a vast profile within the Indian and American community as well. It will be an honor for us if you could attend this function. We are looking forward to hearing from you with a positive response soon.”

Over the last 7 years, this vibrant organization has been successfully conducting cultural, educational and charitable programs, with the participation from various Indian communities in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. NAMAM has established a tradition of celebrating its annual day by presenting its Excellence Awards at a magnificent Banquet that is attended by many. NAMAM Excellence Awards are given to 6 extremely accomplished individuals from various fields who have made significant contributions to the society.
In addition to the cultural events we will be providing Ethnic Indian Food as Banquet .We will also have a variety of entertainments preceding the business meeting. We expect the attendance this year to be the highest ever; in the area of 900 participants and 7 award Winners We will be glad to reserve seats for you all. Please let us know the availability. The focus of the business meeting is to help and rebuild a strong Indian American community strength in Tristate area with help of all professional and cultural associations and with fellow politicians.

NAMAM is an Indian cultural organization that was formed in the United States in 2010. Under the strong and inspiring leadership of Mr. Madhavan B. Nair, the founder and president of NAMAM, a team of enthusiastic people with unswerving dedication has transformed the organization into a platform for families to come together and experience a wonderful sense of belonging and oneness. Though, primarily an association of the Nair families in the US, NAMAM functions as a juncture of like-minded individuals across the community to engage in social and cultural activities.

NAMAM has been reaching out to the community with varied cultural programs, social gatherings and humanitarian aid efforts. It is our priority to pass a deep awareness about the rich heritage, unique customs and eclectic culture of Kerala to the younger generation in the us, so that they can appreciate and take pride in their genealogy. For more information, please

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