Indian American Student’s Body Found Off California Beach

Indian American Student’s Body Found Off California Beach

Los Angeles, CA: The body of Praveen Galla, 23, a second-year engineering student of California State Fullerton University, who had gone missing since February 1st, has been found floating in the waters off Newport Pier in Orange County in the state of California on February 9th.

Media reports quoting police said that body of Galla from Tirupati, India, was found by lifeguards at the beach and the county coroner’s office identified it to be Galla. He was reported missing by his roommates after he failed to return home. The Los Angeles Times reported that Galla had taken an Uber ride on from Fullerton to the campus and arrived there at 5:06 p.m. A friend reported receiving a “check-in” notification on his cell phone later that Galla had been in the Newport Beach area, the report said quoting police.

Authorities believe, the report said, that Galla took a bus from Fullerton to Newport Beach.The body of Galla was found 1,000 feet from the pier in Newport Beach, according to the Orange County coroner’s office which will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death. It was immediately not clear what led to his death.

The LA Times report said quoting police that his friends told university police that it was unusual for Galla not to return home and that he was depressed lately about the status of his student visa. “His friends said he wasn’t suicidal, but was depressed about it (the situation)” a police official was quoted as saying.

In an e-mail to the Cal State Fullerton campus community, California State University president Mildred Garcia said that Praveen was a bright young mind and a valued member of our campus. “While we are still learning details of the circumstances surrounding his death, we do know that he will be missed.”

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