India House & Desi Junction Radio Present Spectacular New Year Eve Celebrations -2016

India House & Desi Junction Radio Present Spectacular New Year Eve Celebrations -2016

Chicago IL: India House, in association with Desi Junction, a Worldwide On-line Radio Station, presented a high impact making New Year Eve Bash -2016 at Pearl Banquets in Roselle, IL.  The event was attended by over 600 persons. Captivating music and dance performances by professionally-trained local talent and comedy programs aimed at entertainment of entire family captured the hearts of the audience. The event, which was conceptualized innovatively and executed professionally, turned out to be a complete package in its own right, in terms of high-end entertainment, state-of-the-art decoration, attractive lighting, balloon drop, champagne toast at midnight, and above all, the wholesome food.

The specialized, professional, and enthusiastic team of Desi Junction put together a vibrant and mind-boggling entertainment program, consisting of soulful singing, electrifying dancing, and hilarious comedy. Their versatile singers, including Sudesh Saraf, Ajai Kumar, Suman Sharma, Ruchi Vijayvargia, and Nisha Saraswat mesmerized the audience by rendering hit Bollywood tracks.

The highlight of the evening was a high-energy quwalli parody, which was presented by Desi Junction team, comprising Ruby, Maegha Saraf, Ashita, Megha Mathur, Ankit Mahajan, Prateek Tanna, Irfan Khan, Kartik Saraf, and Dhiraj D’Stylz. Ajai Kumar, considered to be the Kishore Kumar of Chicago, sang hit number of Kishore Kumar and paid rich tributes to him.

Chicago Bollywood Dance Group, Megha Mathur, and Maegha Saraf presented gripping dance performances. A good number of members of the audience, especially their younger counterparts, gave in to the festive mood, joined the dancers on the dance floor, and matched step-for-step with them. The outpouring of the enthusiasm seemed to cast a spell with the entertainment fervor going several notches up.

The skits presented by Comedy Junction team, under the direction of Jassi Parmar, mimicry of Shatru, Big B, Jai, Veeru, Mithun, Gabbar Singh, and Salman, magic show by Mike, and tasting program of newly launched wine, “Somras”, added to the multifaceted nature of the event.

“The event, at which the guests were treated as stars, was a stupendous success.  As promised by the organizers, it was truly a clean family event”, said Charandeep Singh.

“This was the only event at which the organizers paid special attention to the kids, which they richly deserve. Many exclusive items were planned and presented in order to entertain them as thoroughly as possible, keeping their typical needs in mind”, said Ritika Mathur.

DJ Dheeraj added great value to the event by appropriately using the magic of music, keeping in view the unique demands of different situations. He kept the audience fully engaged throughout the duration of the event.

Ankit Mahajan, while welcoming the guests, wished them health, happiness, and prosperity in 2016. He said that the true celebration involves specification of the goals for the New Year and initiating action towards achieving them. “Taking the first step is most important, rather than distances to be covered”, he added.

The lead organizers of the event, Jassi Parmar, Surender Mathur, Aslam Qureshi, Ravi Rawat, Pritesh Gandhi, and Gulya were pleased with the overwhelming success of the event; they hope to continue working together in future in order to bringing high-quality entertainment to Chicago.

MC Jassi Parmar, who is considered to be the showman of Chicago, entertained the audience with his unique compeering. He profusely thanked India House Partners, Ravi Rawat and Jagmohan Jayara, and his excellent team, for making exceptionally great arrangements for the event. He acknowledged the support of the sponsors too, especially Air India, and the army of committed volunteers, who contributed handsomely to success of the event.

India House and Bombay Chopsticks served about 100 varieties of finger-licking food items from cuisines from different countries.  People really loved sampling everything under one roof, while adults made sure to stop by at the open bar to get their favorite drinks too.

The event was sponsored by Air India, Level Construction, Apex Cosmetics and Spa, A1 Motors, New York Life, Insurance World, Swap Motors, and many others.

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