Sikh Coalition Suggests Exercise Caution & Know Your Rights

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(New York, NY) – In the wake of the high profile acts of terrorism in Nigeria, Beirut and Paris, the Sikh Coalition fully recognizes the increased public fear both at home and abroad as government agencies react to these heinous acts of violence.

Unfortunately, the Sikh Coalition also understands that much of this fear and subsequent backlash gets redirected towards minority religious communities, and we urge every Sikh to exercise extra vigilance and caution during this period of increased anxiety. Please notify law enforcement of any threats of violence and contact the Sikh Coalition at 212-655-3095 or

“The Sikh Coalition is here to provide completely free legal assistance to any Sikh American who believes they are the victim of backlash and discrimination,” said Senior Staff Attorney, Gurjot Kaur. “We are here to protect your rights.”

This protection also extends to your air travel as we move into Thanksgiving and the busiest travel time of the year. The Sikh Coalition urges Sikh travelers to understand their rights by reviewing our Sikh Air Traveler’s Guide and Bill of Rights. This guide contains detailed information on airport screening procedures and your rights as a traveler.

“If you believe the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has committed an act of discrimination, please file a complaint directly from your smartphone by downloading and using our FlyRights phone application,” said Law and Policy Director, Arjun Singh. “These complaints combined with our relentless TSA advocacy insures that your rights are protected.”

Additionally, the Sikh Coalition continues to provide educational brochures that quickly introduce non-Sikhs to the Sikh faith and community. This resource is available in 13 different languages. To get copies, please email

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