Priyanka Chopra Teaches Kids How to Prevent Anemia

Priyanka Chopra Teaches Kids How to Prevent Anemia

Priyanka Chopra will go on a nationwide tour to spread awareness on fighting anemia among adolescents through a short movie. The actress was in New Delhi on December 23rd to launch the nationwide Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplement awareness campaign along with Health Minister J.P. Nadda.

Through the initiative, free pills will be distributed to teenagers across the country to eradicate nutritional anemia among adolescents. A short video featuring Chopra was also released.

The “Bajirao Mastani” actress, who is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, said health and nutrition play a crucial role in the development of a country.

“I am so fortunate to be able to be associated with UNICEF for around a decade and be a part of some incredible life-changing campaigns. It is in our hands to make our future better,” Chopra said. The Bollywood star said she added the “blue pill” to her diet.

“We started this campaign about six months ago in Bhopal, and I got introduced to it for the first time. It was such an easy concept, because I have a crazy lifestyle,” the actress said. “I work 16 hours a day, traveling up and down, and I don’t get time to eat. I have been taking this pill for the last six months. It has given me a strong immune system,” she added.

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