Priyanka Chopra Featured on India Today Cover as ‘America’s Most Wanted’

Priyanka Chopra Featured on India Today Cover as 'America's Most Wanted'

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who has made a splash in the U.S., with her successful debut on television as Alex Parrish in ABC’s FBI drama “Quantico” this season, finds herself on the cover of India’s coveted India Today magazine.

Priyanka, who has appeared on almost every Indian magazine cover by now, is thrilled about her first India Today outing. “This was one cover I always wanted t be on! Thank you @IndiaToday,” wrote Priyanka on Twitter. The actress, photographed on the sets of “Quantico,” is seen in an orange prisoner outfit with handcuffs. And even in this avatar, she looks extremely desirable as always.

Priyanka Chopra Featured on India Today Cover as 'America's Most Wanted'
Priyanka Chopra

After receiving great reviews for her performance on the show that boasts of some of the best ratings for a new network show this season, Priyanka is becoming a household name here. Priyanka’s acceptance (as the first Indian to play the lead on an American drama) in the mainstream is surely a milestone for Indians in American pop culture. So it is great to see her accomplishments being appreciated back home in India.

“Americans have long considered Indians efficient, practical, loyal, wise, good at following through and even better at making money. But never associated them with machismo, heroism or chutzpah. Priyanka’s character is an American citizen with an Indian back story. She is a desi, but she is Alex Parrish, not Anjali Parashar.

She is in the FBI, where she’s a field agent, not an analyst. Alex is sensual, promiscuous, street-smart, and she can kick ass. Each one of those traits is new for an Indian in mainstream American pop culture,” writes India Today. The article offers an insight into Priyanka’s journey to becoming a network star with “Quantico” and why it is significant.

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