Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage (GAPI): A Very Vibrant Group of Physicians of Indian Origin

Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage (GAPI): A Very Vibrant Group of Physicians of Indian Origin

Having over 800 active members, Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage (GAPI) is a very vibrant group, representing Physicians of Indian Origin in the state of Georgia with four very active regions: Augusta, Columbus,  Dublin  Macon/Warner Robbins and ​ Valdosta. Not satisfied with organizing local events across the state, GAPI members have been active in  organizing national events across the United States on behalf of AAPI. GAPI was proud to host the 2006 national AAPI’s annual convention with profitable margin with Dr. Vijay  Koli as the President and Dr. Naresh Parikh as the Convener of the Convention.

Being a member of GAPI has been a stepping stone for many GAPI leaders to be active nationally. Dr. Naresh Parikh, who was a past president of GAPI, serves as Secretary  of AAPI in the current year, and Dr. Sreeni Gangasani serves as  the Regional Director. In the past, Dr. P.K. Natrjan has done many national AAPI CMEs. Drs. Yogesh Joshi, Naresh Parikh and Sudhakar Jonnalgada have served  as  Board of Trustees at the national AAPI.

Drs. P.B Rao and Naresh Parikh are patron member of AAPI  charitable foundation, while Dr. Manoj Shah is a permanent custodian of GAPI accounts. Dr. Manoj  Shah  is also immediate past president of Prestigious  Medical Association of Georgia .

GAPI past president, Dr. Vinayak Kammath was the Chair of Georgia Composite State Medical Board, and GAPI members, Dr. Viren Kumar and Dr. Mohan Rao are members of Composite Medical Board of Georgia.

Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage (GAPI):  A Very Vibrant Group of Physicians of Indian OriginGAPI has hosted five nationally sponsored AAPI musical charitable events. The Hema Malini concert was held twice under the leadership of Drs. P.B. Rao and Asha Parikh and Arvind Gupta. The Shreya Ghoshal show in 2012 was a huge success under the convenership of  Dr. Sreeni Gangasani and Gudhakar Jonalagada. The Shankar Mahadevan Ehsan  and Loy concert in 2013 was another major hit under the leadership of Drs. Naresh Parikh  and PK Natrajan.

The Sunidhi Chauhan concert in 2015 under the convenrship of Drs. Naresh Parikh  and  P.K. Natrajan and co-convenership of Drs. Indran Indrakrishnan  and Sudhakar Jonnalagadda. Dr. Asha Parikh, who headed the Fund Raising Committee for the event was proud to announce that she and the committee was so proud to raise $260,000 through the event.

Drs. Arvind Gupta and Shailesh Gandhi, both past presidents of GAPI, had recently commented during successful Sunidhi Chauhan concert about the cohesiveness of GAPI and the success it brings at all levels.

Providing free health to the needy members of the state of Georgia has been a major contribution of GAPI through the years. GAPI runs various health fairs through out the year. Most prominent and consistent are those with BAPS, being served by Coordinators, Dr. Mahendra Shah  and Dr. Harshad Patel, as well as the  Sai Health Fair, with the active collaboration by Dr. Sujatha Reddy. And, Dr. Bipin  Chudgar, a past president  of GAPI runs the famous Lydia House for the benefit of Cancer  victims and  their families in Augusta. GAPI runs a free medical clinic every other Saturday, serving hundreds of patients with medical care. GAPI is a patron member of AAPI’s Charitable Foundation in 2015.

The growing influence of doctors of Indian heritage is evident, as increasingly physicians of Indian origin hold critical positions in the healthcare, academic, research and administrative positions across the nation. With their hard work, dedication, compassion, and skills, they have thus carved an enviable niche in the American medical community. GAPI, which is a regional body representing AAPI, has come to be recognized as vital among members and among lawmakers.

Dr. Naresh Parikh says, “AAPI members represent a variety of important medical specialties. Many of the physicians who represent AAPI have excelled in different specialties and subspecialties and occupy high positions as faculty members of medical schools, heads of departments, and executives of hospital staff. AAPI physicians who are leaders in their fields and play an integral part in the decision-making process regarding new products and service.”

AAPI is also transitioning into a multiyear thinking and behavior by maintaining core continuity. Physicians of Indian Origin in the United States are reputed to be leading health care providers, holding crucial positions in various hospitals and health care facilities around the nation.

GAPI is currently being served by Dr. Sudha Tata as the dynamic President, Dr. Vijaya Maurya, as the vice president, Dr. Raghu Loabattu as the Secretary, and Dr. Syamala Erramali as the Treasurer. Dr. Sreeni Ganagasani serves as the Chair, BOT and the Vice Chair is Dr. Dilip Patel.

With top notch politicians and state officials, GAPI’s annual convention in Atlanta, GA, where 150 member physicians are expected to attend, when they elect a new executive body. Dr. Sudha Tata says, “I am indeed honored and pleased to be the President of Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian origin (GAPI). I am very excited, as you all are, to take up new projects, initiatives, organize events and help our community. I am very hopeful that you will come forward and share your enthusiasm, time and suggestions to make our organization reach out to more healthcare professions who are not currently a part of GAPI.”

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