Gandhi Samaj of Chicago Elects New Team of Office Bearers for 2016

Gandhi Samaj of Chicago Elects New Team of Office Bearers for 2016

The Gandhi Samaj of Chicago (GSC), Illinois, a not-for-profit organization, established in 1984, and consisting of 700+ members, unanimously elected Keyur Ghayal as  its President for 2016 and 2017, who, in turn, selected, as per the by-laws of the organization, Keyur Ghayal (President), Hitesh Gandhi (Executive Vice President), Bhumika V. Gandhi (Vice President); Ashwin Bodalia (Treasurer), Manhar Gajjar (Secretary), Roma Bhagat (Cultural Secretary), Ramesh Gandhi, Bharat Ghayal, Dipak Ghayal, Hary Gandhi, Hiren Ghayal, and Hiral Gandhi (Joint Secretary), Priya Ghayal (Youth Secretary).

Keyur Ghayal is one of the eminent persons in the Chicagoland, who have been associated with a number of organizations. Other office bearers too have got an excellent track record of community service.

“GSC is a 32-year-old organization which has been led by a number of eminent persons in the past. I take this opportunity to pay rich tributes to them for putting their best foot forward for bringing laurels to the GSC in the US”, said Keyur Ghayal.

Gandhi Samaj of Chicago Elects New Team of Office Bearers for 2016Keyur Ghayal extended a deep sense of gratitude to all the members of the GSC for reposing trust in him and his team and assured them of their democratic and transparent functioning. “Even as we pledge to contribute our optimum best for the welfare of the members of the GSC, we seek their wholehearted and continued support”, he added. He assured that he and his team will contribute their best to help keep the inherited culture thriving while assimilating into diverse for the current generation and beyond.

Keyur Ghayal said that the top priority of his team would be to preserve, protect, and defend the integrity and credibility of the GSC. He strongly underlined GSC’s commitment to empower its members to realize their American dream. “We are determined to uphold GSC’s preeminent place in the Chicagoland and to enrich its brand value for the common good of one and all”, he added.

Hitesh Gandhi, the Executive Vice President said that the new team would achieve the GSC’s objectives to achieve and promote unity amongst the members while helping the community to enhance cultural awareness via education and also through celebration of festivals such as Diwali and Navratri.   He said that he would conceptualize and execute a number of innovative events aimed at preserving the unique culture and heritage of India by involving the members belonging to different age groups.  “My vision is also to expand the membership base of the GSC in order to make it an effective platform for providing guidance and support”, he added.

Bhumika V. Gandhi, the Vice President said that her focus will be on involving the youth in the activities of the GSC by organizing a number of events in accordance with their felt needs. “We propose to organize ‘Youth Career Planning Seminar’ on January 31st 2016, in order to expose the youth to the emerging, newer, and innovative career and educational opportunities”, she added.

Directors of the GSC congratulated Keyur Ghayal and his team on their election and assured them of his full cooperation in their endeavors. They advised them to generate more revenues through newer partnerships with businesses in Chicagoland in order to achieve the vision and mission of the GSC with renewed vigor. For more details, please visit:

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