Bollywood Actors Succeed in Making Their Presence Felt in Hollywood

Bollywood Actors Succeed in Making Their Presence Felt in Hollywood

Chicago IL: Many Bollywood actors, including Amitabh Bachan, Aishwarya Rai Bachan, Priyanka Chopra, Anupam Kher, Anil Kapoor, Amrish Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Tabu, Om Puri, Mallika Sherawat, etc. have already made their mark globally. They have gained wide recognition for their performances and it would not be long before they play main leads in the Hollywood cinema”, said Neetu Chandra and Tarun Mullick, the lead actors in the newest primetime Hollywood Sitcom, in their interactive session held on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at Mysore woodlands, 2548 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL with a large number of representatives from Print, Electronic, and Internet Media in Chicago. Bhavesh Patel of SAHIL, who is considered to be one of the heavyweights in Chicago’s entertainment industry, was also present at the event.

Neetu Chandra congratulated Tarun Mullick, Executive Producer on 10 productions, for his pioneering role not only in bringing to light South Asians in the Hollywood but also in ensuring that their contributions as a society are expressed and embraced.

Bollywood Actors Succeed in Making Their Presence Felt in HollywoodNeetu Chandra and Tarun Mullick told that their hilarious comedy Sitcom has been filmed in Chicago over the past several weeks and will continue next year. “Even though it is a typical Hollywood production, it would be a vehicle for showcasing the Indian culture too”, they added unanimously.

“Even though my role in the Sitcom is quite challenging in terms of content and style, I look forward to doing an action movie too in the Hollywood considering my strong credentials in martial arts”, said Neetu Chandra and added that, despite her strengths in English language, she is taking classes in order to acquire and fine tune the typical American English.

Neetu Chandra said that in Bollywood the widespread perception is that one should either belong to a filmy family or have a Godfather for his entry into the movies; whereas in the Hollywood, talent alone holds the key not only for the initial entry but also for subsequent success in different departments of film making, including acting.

“No one in the Hollywood bothered to enquire about my nationality, religion, family background, and other demographics; instead, they focused on the body of my work, talent, attitude, and inherent potential and evaluated them in a scientific, objective, and professional fashion, and had no hesitation in welcoming me on board with open arms”, said Neetu Chandra.

Neetu Chandra said that she was greatly impressed by Hollywood’s strong discipline in all spheres of movie making, professional attitude in the conceptualization and execution of projects, deep commitment for quality, and utmost respect for timelines. Neetu Chandra had great praise for the people of the US for their warmth, friendliness, sense of dignity, positive attitude even in a negative situation, and peaceful coexistence despite the diversity of population, in terms of such parameters as religion, language, race, etc.

Bollywood Actors Succeed in Making Their Presence Felt in Hollywood“Many a time, I seriously consider settling down in Chicago considering its unique culture which presents a rare mix of modernity and tradition. While its hip and happening profile brings in its wake multiple opportunities for continuous learning, it remains to be extremely soothing, calm, and quite”, added Neetu Chandra.

Neetu Chandra applauded the integration of Indian-Americans into the US way of life, while maintaining the unique identity of their own culture and heritage. “Their stupendous success in contributing to the vibrant growth of both the US and Indian economies is a source of inspiration for me and it is my keen desire to emulate them in my professional and personal life”, she added. Neetu Chandra appreciated the efforts of the US in further enriching the unity among different sections of society in view of the fact that conflict anywhere is a danger to peace everywhere.

Neetu Chandra called upon girls to come forward and take a lion’s share of career opportunities on the domestic as well as global fronts. She underscored the need for teaching martial arts to them as a part of the curriculum at the school level in order to empower them to defend themselves effectively.  Neetu Chandra and Tarun Mullick said that they are currently acting in a number of good movies. “Our decision to join a movie is solely based on the nature and quality of the script. A good script, rather than a great star, alone is a guarantee of a movie’s success”, they opined.

Neetu Chandra is the first Bollywood actress from India to hit mainstream American television for prime time ever. Similarly, Tarun Mullick is the first ever India-American to produce and be the lead actor on an American Sitcom. “The interactive session proved to be a worth-remembering event for us as we rarely come across persons like Neetu Chandra, who possess the lethal combination of gorgeous beauty, hourglass figure, and extraordinary brain”, opined many a media representative unanimously.

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