Bollywood Masala Spices Up the Palace Stage!

Bollywood Masala Spices Up the Palace Stage!
Whether you are already a fan of spectacular Bollywood musicals, or interested in finding out why Bollywood entertainment is beloved by millions and millions of people in India and beyond, “Spirit of India” is for you. Presented by the Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India, this extravaganza will come to The Palace Theatre on November 17.
“Spirit of India” features an ensemble of 17 accomplished musicians, dancers, and performers who whisk the audience away on a cultural adventure that takes them across India, from the culturally-rich region of Rajasthan to the bustling, cosmopolitan city of Mumbai. The country’s movements, rhythms, and artistic expressions – both traditional and modern – are all on beautiful display in this thrilling show.
Rahis Bharti, the artistic director of the Bollywood Masala Orchestra, has spent much of his career traveling the globe, playing alongside different musicians and absorbing an array of musical influences. The Orchestra reflects this musical diversity by including Indian and Western instruments, such as tabla, dholak, harmonium, clarinet, trombone, bass drums, and side drums.
Bollywood is a broad term that refers to India’s film industry, and most of those films have tended to be lavish musicals. Because of its inherent theatricality, the Bollywood style is well-suited to the live stage. The Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers reflects this style with vivid colors, vibrant music, extraordinary performances, traditional songs and dances, and even some numbers from popular Bollywood movies. “Dhoom Taana,” “Rajasthani Ghoomar,” “Nimbooda,” and “Bhavai” are some of the songs and dances you can look forward to enjoying during this unforgettable evening.
Bollywood Masala Spices Up the Palace Stage!“Spirit of India” takes things up a notch by creating some truly thrilling drama and spectacle in the form of daredevil acts. The production showcases performers breathing fire, standing on swords, and even doing an incredible Snake Charming Dance. You won’t soon forget these impressive stunts!
The Namaskaar Foundation’s World on Stage is presenting Bollywood Masala’s “Spirit of India” as a part of its 2015 Fall season and in service of its mission both to promote an appreciation for the culture of India and to build an enthusiastic audience for music, dance, and theatre from around the world.
The Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India have already had people on their feet, clapping and dancing, all across the world as they bring Indian music, dance, and culture to a wide international audience. Come to The Palace Theatre in Stamford, CT on Tuesday, November 17 at 8pm and experience the “Spirit of India” for yourself!

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