3 Distinguished Rajasthanis honored during RANA’s Diwali Celebrations

3 Distinguished Rajasthanis honored during RANA’s Diwali Celebrations

RANA – Rajasthan Association of North America, organized Diwali celebrations on Sunday November 1 2015, where over 600 people packed the Grand Ballroom at the Long Island Marriott and were entertained by the sensational Music Trio from India – Dhwani accompanied by electrifying dance performances by the dancers of Sonalee Vyas Dance Company.

Manju Sharma, Managing Director of Eternal Heart Care Research Center, Jaipur; Rajeev Pandya, Managing Partner of Ashi Diamonds, New York;  and Prabha Golia, Vice – President of Perfume Center of America, New York, were among the distinguished Rajasthanis, who were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and achievements in their respective field, philanthropic activities and contributions to religious values and fundamentals of our traditions.

3 Distinguished Rajasthanis honored during RANA’s Diwali CelebrationsComptroller of Nassau County, George Maragos and Bollywood actress, Preety Jhangiani were the guests of honor on the evening. Attendees were seen packing the dance floor and dancing to the pulsating beat of Bollywood songs till the wee hours of the morning. “We have never experienced such a fabulous show before” was the universal sentiment amongst all those who attended the celebrations on that evening.

Naveen C Shah, President of RANA in his address attributed the success of RANA’s Rajasthan Mahotsav & the Diwali celebrations to not just entertaining ourselves, but to enrich ourselves from the talent & wisdom which we all bring to this part of the world. Attendees also commended Naveen’s vision to spread the message of integration among various communities and created awareness amongst the new generation about our values, culture, traditions, food and festivities.

Respected members of the community were presented with plaques on this evening for their efforts in instilling Rajasthani culture, values, heritage & traditions in the current and future generations. “We can never thank our elders enough for what they have done for us. They are a shining example to our current and younger generation to emulate and follow” said Naveen.

Kanak Golia, Vice President of RANA informed the gathering that “the focus and objective of the Diwali event is also to continue RANA’s mission towards charitable and welfare causes. All excess proceeds from the event will be remitted to a residential orphanage devoted to the care of orphans. Our hope is that these children, who have nowhere to go will receive food, clothing, shelter and an opportunity for a better life”.

The evening’s entertainment was a mix of traditional Rajasthani Music and contemporary Bollywood songs by Dhwani, coupled with dynamic and lively dances by the dancers of the Sonalee Vyas Dance Company with colorful costumes and traditional props to showcase the rich and vibrant culture of Bollywood.

In her thank you address, Madhu Pareek, Secretary of RANA thanked all the Sun, Moon & Star sponsors for their support without whom this event would not have been possible. She also appreciated various vendors who worked behind the scenes to make this event successful. MC for the evening was Sangeet Sharma, the popular voice behind radio station Easy 96, Sound and Light effects for the event was provided by BD Sound, Catering was provided by Tandoor Caterers, Souvenir design was done by A-HA Designs, NJ and printing was done by Media Masters of Mineola, NY. Plaques for the honorees were provided by Crown Trophy, New Hyde Park and the honoree trophies were specially got fabricated in India by Patron member Haridas Kotahwala.

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