‘Naatyopasana’ – A presentation by Laasika School of Dance

NAATYOPASANA’ – Worship through Dance, was presented by Pallavi Kumar, artistic director and her ensemble of Laasika School of Dance, at JCC Kaplan Theatre, on August 15th 2015. The show commenced on a traditional note with Prayer song followed by Pushpanjali, a floral tribute dedicated to Lord Siva and was exuberantly presented in the style of Bharathanatyam that perfectly set the tone for an alluring two hour long recital.

Pushpanjali was performed by a group of six year olds six year olds: Anuhya Juturi, Ayushi Aggrawal, Priyanka Bhavani, Shruthi Ezhilarasan & Tejaswi Sriram. It was followed by ‘Naandhi Stuthi’, an invocation enthusiastically performed by Himahasini Jammli, Jiya Jacob, Netra Tallavajhula & Simran Binnani.

The audience was enthralled with Alarippu, traditional piece from repertoire of Bharathanatyam. It was a pleasure to watch ‘Ramayana Shabdam’ , depicting tale of Lord Rama from his birth to donning of the Royal mantle at Ayodya in the style of Kuchipudi performed by Divya Aaloori, Kimeera Paladugu , Praharsha Sista & Sameera Goddanti. ‘Jathiswaram’, a pure rhythmic piece interspersed with Jathis and Swaras was strikingly performed by Anuhya Juturi & Ayushi Aggrawal. The next item, a Tamil folklore song in praise of Lord Muruga was equally delightful. ‘Shiva Stuthi’ presented by Anuhya Juturi, Ayushi Aggrawal & Haripriya Mallidi grabbed the attention of the audience with striking poses of Lord Siva as he performs his vigorous dance of joy with goddess Parvathi.

Finer aspects of brisk footwork in exhilarating piece ‘Thillana’ was neatly displayed by Nivedita Ramgopal & Priyanka Shastri that marked the end of students performances. The show continued with Pallavi Kumar’s performances: ‘Tarangam’ hallmark of kuchipudi recital, elaborating stories of Lord Krishna’s prank of emptying pot of milk and lifting the Govardhana Hill. Tarangam created an electrifying finale with the footwork on the rim of the brass plate which was dealt with commendable efficiency.

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