Mark Ruffalo Goes Green, Supports Bihar’s Solar Energy Project

Mark Ruffalo, “The Hulk” star from New York has called himself “100% Bihar” in a recent Twitter post expressing his support for the Indian state’s clean energy project. Bihar is aiming to become the first state to run completely on solar energy and a lot of folk from the Hindi film industry like Manoj Bajpayee, Swara Bhaskar, Shilpa Rao, Prakash Jha and Sanjay Mishra have already shown their support for the project by joining the “I am 100% Bihar” campaign.

This came as a part of a celebrity-endorsed campaign which is aiming to make Bihar a state run entirely from clean energy. Others like Sanjai Mishra, Swara Bhaskar and Manoj Bajpai also feature in a video for the campaign: The plan gained impetus from an accomplishment earlier this month, when Dharnai in Jehanabad district of Bihar, became the first Indian state to be fully solar powered. Though the task of making Bihar 100% green is completely achievable, there are many obstructions. Getting land is one major concern as farmers won’t just give up their land. Regulatory changes as well as infrastructure issues have slowed down growth.

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had launched a project in 2011 with an aim to generate 20,000 mega watt solar energy for sustaining power requirement of the country. Narendra Modi took that forward and has raised the bar to 1 lakh MW, which, though ambitious, is achievable if obstacles are overcome. 2400 villagers will get electricity in houses as well as 30 kw to run water pumps, thanks to efforts of Centre for Environment and Energy Development and Greenpeace, which faced trouble from authorities earlier this year.

Ruffalo, who portrays the green Hulk on silver screen, is going green in his real life too. The Hollywood star recently took to Twitter to show his support to Bihar government’s endeavor to run on clean energy.

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