Indian-Americans figure in lists of successful immigrants

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Indian-Americans have figured in lists of successful immigrants in almost all categories in the past. The newest surprise is this – they are also the most eligible bachelors in America. In the list of 30 most eligible singles in nine major sectors of industry in the United States, published by dating application website Hinge recently, as many as 23 Indian-Americans made the cut.

The 23 Indian-Americans include Rakhi Voria, North American business development manager at Microsoft Financing, who topped the list of singles in the marketing and business development category. Shaista Shenoy, client success manager at Curalate and a performer with the Indian dance troupe Shiamak Davar’s Special Performers Batch, and Tanveer Kathawalla, manager of business development at Enterprise Florida were placed at number 20 and number 22 positions respectively.

Not just the just guys in marketing and business. There were as many as four Indian-Americans in the policy and law category with former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, Jay Goyal coming in at number three. Varun Sivaram, Douglas Dillon, both fellows at Council on Foreign Relations, made it to number seven and Pra Chandrasoma, who is starting as an associate at Latham and Watkins in October, was at number 9. Satyam Khanna, policy aide at the U.S. Treasury Department, came in at number 16.

Indian-Americans figured strongly in startups and small business and technology categories as well. Nitasha Khetarpal, working in product marketing and strategy at Adobe, ranked the highest as number three in technology, followed by Ankit Shah, CEO and community builder at ‘Tea With Strangers’ at number six in startups. The 23 Indian-Americans also include Amit Patel, director of enterprise at Lyft, Steven Maheshwary, marketing manager at Amazon, at number 14. The bachelors also described their first dating experiences as well, some of which were hilarious.

Voria, for example, talked about her most embarrassing date moment. “Walking into a restaurant for a first date and handing my ID to the guy I thought was the bouncer standing at the front door, only to find out it was actually my date waiting for me at the entrance. The confused look on his face was priceless, as was the mortified look on mine when I realized who he was,” Voria said, according to the company website.

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