NRI Leaders In New York Interact With E. P. Menon

New York: Indo-American organization leaders in New York met E.P. Menon, the visionary and pioneer of world peace mission, in a gathering in Santoor Indian Restaurant in Glen Oaks, New York. The reception and dinner honoring Mr. E. P. Menon was attended by several members of Global Organizations of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO-NY), World Malayalee Council, National Federation of Indian Americans Associations (NFIA), Malayalee Hindu Mandalam, Sree Narayana World Council, Indian National Overseas Congress Kerala Chapter, Kerala Samajam of Greater New York and friends of Mr. Menon from New York City.

The leaders of organizations shared his vision and path he chose to serve humanity, congratulated him, and wished further success in his mission. The speakers shared their concerns and Mr. Menon explained several solutions to face them. Menon explained unrest persist around the world, United Nations failing to recognize the changing world. Future strategies of the UN must be reviewed and make its service useful to the humanity around the world. The countries around the world need to reset its strategies to face the future and protect the universe.

The threat of the nuclear arms has not yet been contained in the world said Dr Sreedhar Kavil, Chairman, Global Advisory Board, World Malayalee Council (WMC). However much we democratize the world, the structural conflicts among world leaders can any time trigger a nuclear disaster, Dr. Kavil explained.

What was declared most recently by Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan is very significant in this contest.  He said nuclear arms are not meant for a marriage party. It is for a purpose.  Dr Sreedhar Kavil applauded the service, dedication and simple life of Mr. E.P. Menon and said he is a role model to young and all.

Lal K. Motwani, Ex-Chairman of NFIA, Anand Ahuja Esq, and President of GOPIO-NY congratulated Mr. E.P. Menon and presented him NFIA & GOPIO  anniversary books with information on Indo-American cultural and social events and programs to unite Pravasi Indians in the United State.

Menon presented “Foot Prints on Friendly Roads” , the story of the Global peace march written by him to Mr. Lal K Motwani as a token of appreciation to Lal for his 30 plus years of service to Indian American community in the United State.

For more than half a century Mr. E P Menon, an everlasting crusader of peace, nuclear disarmament and social justice has persistently worked   for a fearless, prosperous world. Occasionally he travels to many destinations in the world to meet with young talents and share his vision and mission to protect all of us from manly-created disasters. Menon is one among very few who still around as from the era of Jawaharlal Nehru, Vinoba Bave, Jayaprakash Narayan, Thakkar Bapa and K Kelappan (Kerala Gandhi).

His first mission around the world on foot caught the attention of the world leaders and public where ever he and fellow traveler Sathish Kumar went in 1962-64. Kumar and Menon along with many supporting democratic fearless fellow walkers crossed many countries and  travelled 8000 miles on foot and boat from New Delhi to Kabul, Tehran, Moscow, Warsaw, Bonn, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, London, Washington DC, California, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Saigon,  Singapore, Colombo, Bombay and back to New Delhi.

The then U.N Secretary General U. Thant wrote:  “ I am happy to hear all about your magnificent work for world peace.  Wish you the best of luck”.  Vinoba Bave inspired them and said, “Have absolute faith in humanity you will succeed. All best wishes”.

The dedication and work of E.P. Menon and Sathish Kumar in the 1960’s turned the world leaders to rethink their mad race for   nuclear arms.  Since then through continued negotiations and deals by world leaders,   world super powers reduced their nuclear weaponry and end producing new nuclear arms?  The modern world owes to and credit Mr. E.P. Menon and Mr. Sathish Kumar for pioneering to reduce/end nuclear arms and establish world peace through popular support.

Fifty three years ago in 1962, two young men in their twenties set out from Mahatma Gandhi Samadhi in New Delhi to conquer the iron minds of world leaders and gather the support of the suffering world.  They had no passport, no visa and no money in their pockets; and they achieved what they determined for in the name of peace and humanity.  Until now, it is a world record in serving the humanity with no penny in the pocket.  Even today, Mr. Menon lives with no means and follows his masters (Vinoba Bave) advice; “Go with no money, people will support your mission”, and he did that throughout his life to serve and protect you and me; Menon a silent warier with no weapons and protector of unknown.

Menon arrived at the venue accompanied by Mr. David Goldman, Singer, songwriter and music producer and many members of the global community from Manhattan.  Mrs. Leela Maret, (FOKANA) welcomed Mr. E.P. Menon and David Goldman with bouquet.

Aravindakshan introduced Menon to the audience and explained since he met him  forty eight years ago  in April 1967 at the home of Survodaya Leader Sri K Kelappan, (popularly known as Kerala Gandhi)   tried to follow his path in life and Mr. Menon is one of his role models.   Organizers and organizations can lean from Menon how to manage and provide relentless service to the community, said Aravindakshan.

Anand Ahuja Esq – President GOPIO-NY , Dr. Unnikrishnan Thampi – President MAHIMA, Dr. Rohini B. Ramanathan-Secretary GOPIO-NY  , K. G. Janardhanan, and S. K. Sreekumar – SNW Council, Varughese Thekkekara- WMC USA Vice Chairman, David Goldman, Susie Daniel, Pat La Mariana, Mimi Gussow, Mrs. Katy Casey, Jayachandran Ramakrishnan (President, INOC, Kerala Chapter) and Dr. Jose Kanatt (Kerala Samajam of Greater New York) were among few who made congratulatory remarks and applauded the service of Mr. Menon.  Anand Ahuja Esq, President of GOPIO-NY  made vote of thanks.

E.P. Menon ( is also the Executive Trustee of the India Development Foundation, an NGO in Bangalore, India that provides help and service to the needy while actively involving to defying unrest around the world.

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