Abhay Parasnis Named Adobe CTO

Abhay Parasnis, a Pune-born Indian American technology veteran was named by Adobe as its chief technology officer and senior vice-president of platform technology and services late last month. Abhay Parasnis was appointed to the position July 20, the company said in a statement. Parasnis will drive Adobe’s technology strategy, architecture and innovation roadmap for its cloud services, focusing on integration of its three cloud services and will provide a consistent customer experience via the cloud and enable its cloud-based go-to-market strategies.

As the majority of Adobe’s business has moved to a cloud and services-based model, including its flagship offerings Creative Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and most recently Adobe Document Cloud, the opportunity to drive a more integrated and scalable architecture has become a key initiative for the company.

“Abhay brings a powerful combination of technical credentials and operational experience to this new cto role,” said Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s president and CEO. “Our cloud platforms are the foundation for our next phase of innovation and growth as a company, and Abhay is the ideal candidate to lead this initiative.”

Parasnis wrote on Adobe blog that he has interests in Adobe from both personal and professional perspectives. “As a hobbyist photographer, I’ve had a personal connection to Adobe for some time. I’m passionate about landscape photography and can’t live without Photoshop CC. Most recently, I’ve become a hardcore Lightroom CC user,” he said.”

“On the professional side, I have great respect for Adobe’s successful transition to cloud-based services. Having led similar efforts at Oracle and Microsoft, I know first-hand how challenging that shift is for business, technology and the company culture. I’m energized by the opportunity to continue the journey and help take Adobe into its next phase of growth,” he said.

Parasnis brings nearly 20 years of experience in the software industry. Most recently, he was president and chief operating officer of venture-funded enterprise mobility leader Kony. He previously held a variety of enterprise technology, platform and cloud roles at companies including Microsoft, i2, Oracle and IBM.

“Adobe has set the standard on how to successfully shift to a cloud-based business while delivering great innovation for customers,” Parasnis said in a statement. “Adobe’s cloud initiatives are dramatically re-shaping how content is created measured and consumed, which is unique in the software world and a great technical challenge. I’m excited to dive in and make great things happen,” he said. Parasnis has a bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunications from the College of Engineering Pune, and holds more than 20 patents spanning enterprise and consumer Internet technologies.

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