“Our revered institutions are under severe threat; It is time to wake up”! George Abraham at the AICC Plenary session

“ Many of the Colonial Nations that gained independence from their Colonial masters faltered because they failed to build Institutions. However, India under the leadership Nehru, built institutions that provided security, safety, and justice for all its citizens” said George Abraham, Vice-Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress. He was addressing the All India Congress Committee Plenary session which was held in New Delhi in March 2018.

“Today, these revered Institutions are under growing threat, and it is time for us to wake up and deal with it. Freedom of Conscience is fundamental to all freedoms. It is innate and God-given; nobody has any right to trample it” he was alluding to the growing attacks on people of faith and other minorities in the country. “The NRI community is indeed concerned about these and other issues plaguing the country, and we will work together with AICC to coordinate our actions while working as goodwill ambassadors in the U.S. to help to forge stronger ties” added Mr. Abraham.

Abraham also thanked Soniaji for inaugurating the Overseas Congress in 2001 and applauded the appointment of Mr. Sam Pitroda as the Chairman of the newly created ‘Overseas Congress Department’ under AICC.

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