Indian Overseas Congress, USA condemns vandalizing of statues in India

We strongly condemn the widespread vandalizing of statues across India to score cheap political points thereby exacerbating tension between communities and political parties’ said George Abraham, Vice-Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, USA. ‘attacking and defacing statues of Indian icons such as Mahatma Gandhi, B.R. Ambedkar, and Periyar Ramasamy is a symptom of growing intolerance in the society that is anathema to the basic tenets of the democratic tradition’ Mr. Abraham added. IOC also condemns the destruction of statues in Tripura and West Bengal and calls for the peaceful transition of power after an election.

Undoubtedly, under BJP rule, a climate of division and intolerance has been fostered for political gains. It is to be noted that these acts of vandalism are primarily directed at figures mostly revered by Dalits, whom some of the BJP supporters disdain. Emboldened by the BJP victory in Tripura, the vandals appeared to have destroyed the statue of a Lenin and ransacked the offices of the Communist Party of India.  While BJP is trying to woo the Dalits with their ‘Hindu card’ strategy, the true color of their attitude towards them is quite evident with their destructive and polarizing actions. We welcome the statement by the Prime Minister condemning these pernicious acts by a few and call upon the authorities to bring those who are responsible for to swift justice.

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