Rocking Success in the New Year event with Jinal Pandya

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Chicago IL: Entertainment, Elegance and Excitement were the words to describe the NYE 2018 at Ashyana Banquets in Downers Grove, IL last week. It may have been a cold night outside but inside of venue was buzzing with frenzy. Sunil Shah of New York Life and Anil Loomba of Home Mortgage Solutions together grand sponsored the event which was organized by Pratibha Jairath.

 People were impressed from Mr. Surinder Jain of Ashyana Banquets for providing excellent customer service, decor and extraordinary variety of menu. Chair covers, center pieces, neon up lights and a warm smile with personal attention was clearly welcoming.

Raju Bankapur and Pratibha Jairath, the well-known local singers of Chicago, started the entertainment section by performing the dance medleys of new numbers such as Channa mereya, Rashke kamar, Kala Chashma, High heels, Zaalima, Lungi dance, Laila main Laila and so many more.

The Loomba couple who had hosted the ‘VIP meet and Greet’ night for Jinal Pandya and producer Bobby Scott, were in Great Spirits and the first couple to come to the dance floor when the live singing started. They were followed by Mr. & Mrs. Brij Sharma and them within minutes several people came to dance floor. It was good to see that the dance floor had no room left.

Jairath, the emcee of the evening created another surge of excitement when she announced the entrance of the celebrity Jinal Pandya. At first she asked Ms Pandya, about her experiences in Bollywood with making of Hungama 2 and Amrapali 2 with Sanjay Dutt. Then upon public demand, the beautiful actress charmed the audience with her amazing dance performance. Continuing the entertainment segment, the next item was the dance from Belly dancer who performed on Maiya Maiya song with candelabra on her head.

The eagerness to celebrate the NYE was evident by watching audience rush to floor as soon as DJ Sahil started his dance numbers. ‘Great Job’, exclaimed a guest of Mr. Noor Tejani of Midwest Sliver club who brought close to 100 people. Mrs. Vishnu Padma Reddy, who was glowing in her pink outfit and dazzling smile was pleased that she brought close to 80 people and they were thoroughly enjoying the celebration. Mr. Sunil Shah and Ms. Lubna Eliaz were also personally applauded for bringing a lot of esteemed VIP guests and friends.

Men and women were dressed elegant and graceful for the occasion. Talented and Energetic Mr. Suresh Bodiwala was clicking away and guiding folks to capture the best pictures for the event which is his trademark. He starts the event with email blast and finish with his photography and media release. Party favors were distributed and folks were ready with champagne glasses to toast and welcome New Year. Grand sponsors, organizer and Ms Jinal Pandya were on stage toasting to New Year 2018. The balloon drop showered audience who were on dance floor. People danced and dined all through evening into late hours wishing each other Happy New Year.

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