Sanjana Jon to promote her ‘kanya boon hathya’ movement at Icon Awards

Fashion designer and activist Sanjana Jon will be promoting her stance on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Beti Badhao, Beti Padao” initiative at the Stardust Icon Awards which are being held at the Plaza Hotel on July 13.
Jon wants to eradicate the dowry system in India and not only save the girl child but celebrate her. “My whole concept is the get the young men to say that ‘I will not take dowry’ and the young women to say that ‘I will not accept a man who asks for dowry,’” said Jon.
Jon is taking the help of Meera Gandhi, who is the CEO and founder of the Giving Back Foundation and has been working for nearly a decade to promote women empowerment and is very happy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making an intiative to do so.
Jon is also taking the help of Swami Chinanand Saraswati Ji and Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati in this movement. “It’s not just a matter of saving her, it’s a matter of recognizing her; the incredible gifts, the Shakti that she has as a child, as a young girl, as a woman, as a mother, as a sister, as a daughter, as a mentor, as an embodiment of the divine feminine” said Bhagwati Saraswati.
“In the Indian spiritual tradition that Shakti, that feminine energy is the most crucial part of anything that happens on earth,” she added. Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati is the President of the Divine Shakti Foundation which runs free schools and has women empowerment programs enabling young girls the freedom they deserve.
Sanjana Jon started her career working with her brother Anand Jon in New York and they created a jewelry line together which was highly appreciated by Iman and late David Bowie, Barbara Hershey supporting AMFAR. Then they worked on the mens collection which was highlighted by Bruce Springsteen, Backstreet Boys The Artist formerly known as Prince, Collective Soul, Matchbox 20 to name a few.
Her acclaimed debut was at Cannes for the Film Festival supported by Prince Albert of Monaco, Princess Sorayya, Princess Sara Al Saud, Princess Olivia de Borbon and more this led to the New York Fashion week debut and Vancouver fashion week where she won International Rising Star award. fashion with heart has been propagated by her where every show or event supports a charity or cause and Sanjana Jon has been a socially motivated person since her school and college days with her brother Anand Jon used to provide food and clothing to the underprivileged kids and read for the blind students.
She organized protests against racism in Bombay and Delhi and put together a show for Save the Girl Child against female infanticide with 16 celebrity siblings including Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Sushmita Sen, Riya and Raima Sen, Sajid and Wajid Khan. Recently, she organized a Sanjana Jon Creative Tihar show and project in Tihar with inmates- for the inmates, by the inmates and of the inmates and tried to create a constructive creative training program to make the inmates a more resourceful progressive part of the community.
Through Kanya Broon Hatya, Sanjana is seeking to highlight and propagate the Celebration of the Girl Child and also in support of Global Human Rights through Par Anand Charitable Trust . Winner of innumerable awards including Karamveer Puraskar, Paramveer Award, Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award, two Rajiv Gandhi Excellence awards, Intl Humanitarian Awards, Paramshree Universal Humanity Award to name a few.

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