World’s leading authority to lead luxury Jewish-India tour by Pacific Delight Tours

My Second Home tour (hosted by leading Jewish-India scholar Professor Nathan Katz) features all the “must see” sights, while offering insights into the fascinating, little-known Jewish experience in India. Discover the dazzling cultural, historic and spiritual mosaic in a land where Jews have lived happily and made their mark for millennia. The itinerary is superb, the hotels are world-class, and the people you’ll meet spectacular.

His tour to South India with Nathan [Katz] was spectacular – “truly one of my favorite trips ever. We saw sights we never would have imagined. But the amazing thing was to have Nathan’s insights and historic perspective to gain a better understanding of the people and places we encountered. It gave such meaning to everything we saw and experienced. He imparted a love of India that is still with me today,” he said. Nina Piken, Boston, MA, who toured with Prof. Nathan Katz twice, to North India and South India

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