‘The whole world is looking at India,’ Modi tells leading world business leaders

“The whole world is looking at India. 7,000 reforms alone (have been carried out) by the Government of India for ease of business and minimum government, (with) maximum governance,” PM Modi said at the round-table to the chief executives of world’s top business leaders in Washington, DC.

PM Modi presented India as a “win-win” opportunity to the business tycoons. “The growth of India presents a win-win partnership for India and the US both. US companies have a great opportunity to contribute to that,” the PM explained.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was meeting with the who’s who of American business – including Google’s Sundar Pichai, Apple’s Tim Cook and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos – at a round-table gathering in Washington DC on Sunday, June 25th.

As the Indian Embassy in Washington DC tweeted, it was “A Stellar Starcast” that had gathered to meet the workaholic PM, despite it being a Sunday morning in the US. As many as 21 high-profile chief executives of US corporations were in attendance at the round-table with Modi at the Hotel Willard Intercontinental in Washington.

The PM, in his inimitable style, also had a suggestion for US business schools. “The implementation of the landmark initiative of GST (Goods and Services Tax Bill) could be a subject of studies in US business schools,” he said, talking about the historic bill that will do away with the system of cascading taxes that has for long been seen as a drag on business and for consumers. In reference to this, he emphasised the importance attached by his government to “efficiency, transparency, growth and benefit for all”.

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