Pandit Jasraj inaugurates AAPI’s 35th annual convention in Atlantic City

Sadhvi Ji shows the way to true joy and peace
Atlantic City, NJ: June 22, 2017: With ribbon cutting and lighting of the traditional lamp Pandit Jasraj officially inaugurated the 35th annual convention of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) at the Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City in New Jersey on June 22, 2017. Pt. Jasraj led the more than 1.000 delegates at the Convention Centre at the prestigious Harrah’s Resort to a prayer song, moving everyone’s heart seeking God’s bountiful blessings.
In his opening remarks, Pandit Jasraj shared with the audience his heartfelt gratitude for inviting him and making him the special guest of honor. “This is the warmest welcome I have ever received in my life,” the Padma Vibhushan awardee told the AAPI delegates.
In his warm inaugural address, Dr. Ajay, President of AAPI, reminded the delegates from across the nation of the historic nature of the convention. “It’s very great joy that I want to invite you all to come and be part of the 35th annual American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) Convention 2017,” he said.
Dr. Lodha shared with the audience the many programs and initiatives he and his executive committee have taken in the past year since assuming charge as the President of the largest ethnic medical organization in the nation, representing nearly 100, 000 physicians of Indian origin. Dr. Lodha, amlng others, highlighted the successful organization of Global health Summit in Rajasthan and the many initiatives at the Summit, Crash Courses in India for police officers as first responders in accidents, EPS lab studies, AYUSH, first ever international research contest and the many charitable works through AAPI the Charitable Foundation.
Physicians of Indian origin are well known around the world for their compassion, passion for patient care, medical skills, research, and leadership, he said. “Indian-Americans constitute about one percent of the country’s population, but we account for nine percent of the American doctors and physicians, serving one out of seven patients being treated across the nation.” Also, he said, nearly 20% of the new Medical students enrolling in the US schools are of Indian origin. Dr. Lodha was particularly appreciative of the contributions of young physicians and said, “You are the future of AAPI.”
William W. Pinsky, MD, President and CEO, ECFMG, provided the audience with the details on the demography of medical students and physicians in the US. Neal Simon, President, American University of Antigua, shared with the audience his close association with AAPI and the numerous initiatives AAPI and AUA have been doing together for the betterment of the society. During the luncheon, AAPI honored AAPI members, who had worked hard to make the convention a memorable one for all. Mammen Verghis of Prudential Life addressed the audience on the many valuable service his company offers, particularly, focusing on the diverse needs of physicians of Indian origin.
In her key note address during the gala, Sadhvi Ji, showed the audience who listened with total attention and silence, as the ways to true joy and peace. In her eloquent and passionate address, she said, “Having all the successes, comforts and luxuries in life does not lead one to happiness or real joy and peace. It’s found within and that’s what the Indian culture is teaching us, which emphasizes as you think so you become.” According to her, stress is leading us into disconnection from family and ourselves. “When there is something wrong in us, we blame everyone and everything else.. Mind is the source and solution to all the problems.” Quoting research done at elite US schools, she pointed out how people who are religious are less likely to have strokes.
Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO, MS, MACP, FACOI, President, FSMB, presented the process of obtaining accreditation to medical school programs. Michael Nisanov, COO, Empire City Labs was honored for his support for AAPI. Dr. Lodha, in his welcome address, praised the contributions of Regional Directors to the growth and expansion of AAPI. “For the very first time, AAPI is glad to recognize and honor your hard work and dedication for the cause of AAPI by having a gala in honor of AAPI’s 12 Regional Directors.
The day was packed with back to back seminars and CMEs and conferences. Dr. Nani Bhalla of AstraZeneca led the CME on Understand the Ongoing Risk of Atherothrombosis Beyond the Culprit Lesion. The Medtronic team offered an insightful session on Multidisciplinary Approach to Managing Ischemic Stroke: From Acute Management to Transition of Care.
The India Global Engagement Forum showed about concrete ways AAPI delegates can contribute to the growth of the nation. The day began with an hour-long yoga session led by professionals. Children were engaged in several activities challenging their minds. A beautifully choreographed fashion show was a treat to the hearts and souls of all as beautiful women and handsome men cat walked wearing elegantly designed Indian attire.
Several non medical topics were also offered to educated physicians and others. Dr. Benjamin Dyches offered insights into “Keys to Locking Out Lawsuits and Lowering Taxes.”  Sam Takkar of Perfect Tax explained to the audience why Warren Buffet, Mit Romney, and Donald Trump don’t pay more than 15% tax. For those who want to invest in India, Kotak Mahindra Bank offered insights into “How India has emerged as the favorite investment destination.”
The night ended with a fabulous performance by Standup Comedian Shailesh Lodha. The AAPI has got talent event was a super hit with the event bringing out the hidden talents from AAPI delegates from across the nation.  For more information on AAPI and the 34th convention, please visit:

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