Nearly 1,000 attend Telugu Asociation of Greater Chicago (TAGC) annual picnic

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Chicago IL: Telugu Association of Greater Chicago (TAGC) celebrated its annual Summer Picnic on June 4th, 2016 at Buss woods Forest Preserve in Elk Grove Village. More than 950 adults and kids attended the event. TAGC conducted many fun-filled games for men, women and kids (with different age groups) where everyone participated in the games enthusiastically. Games included Musical chairs, Throw ball, Tug-of-war, and etc. The winners were awarded with prizes.

The attendees were served with a variety of delicious foods by means of on-site cooking of foods such as dosas, bajjis, grilled BBQ chicken, corn and many more dishes that were enjoyed by everyone. TAGC Board and volunteers also cooked some special food items on site. On-site cooking, mainly by TAGC BODs, was one of the main attractions during the event. Lunch server to all the guests was by a local Indian Restaurant, Indian Café, and all the guests appreciated volunteers who prepared delicious Bagara rice, chicken curry, and potato curry on-site. Watermelon and buttermilk were served after the lunch.

TAGC conducted a charity Walkathon and awarded the winners with prizes in categories ranging from family, seniors, men, women, and teens. TAGC donated the funds raised from the Walkathon and ice cream sales to Akshaya Vidya foundation who runs schools in slum areas in Telugu States.

TAGC also conducted food competitions and the judges evaluated the food taste and quality to decide the winners which were awarded with prizes. Telangana Chakinalu won first prize and Ravva laddu won the second place prize.

The picnic brought a great familial touch to the outing and park. It was a great summertime picnic event where everyone enjoyed like it was an extended family and friend’s get-together. Everyone pitched in for various activities from food preparations to organizing games.

TAGC President, Ramachandra R Ade, thanked the picnic event core committee members and volunteers for their hard work and dedication in making this event very successful. He appreciated the picnic coordinators Ramu Billakanti, Ranga Lenkala, Food committee chair Uma Avadutha and co-chair Vijay Beeram, Community service member Vani Yetrintala, Sports committee chair Samptagiri Sangem, Youth chair Sai Gongati, all Bods and other committee members and volunteers.

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