AAPI’s 35th annual Convention CEO Forum focuses on innovation and healthcare policy

AAPI leaders at the podium on the inaugural nite
AAPI QLI, Convention Host Chapter, honored during inaugural nite gala
“Delivery and access of healthcare in the United States and around the world is rapidly changing, leading to many describing the healthcare environment as dynamic, complex, and highly uncertain,” said Dr. Ajay Lodha, President of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), in his welcome address at the CEOs Forum attended by a distinguished panel of experts from around the world. Dr. Lodha reminded the panelists of how healthcare impacts everyone and economics play a crucial role. Engaging leaders of healthcare, business, academia and community is an essential component for any debate, discussion or development of a robust healthcare system.
While stressing the importance of the presence of leaders from diverse fields, who had assembled on the inaugural day of the 35th annual convention of AAPI at the Harrahs Convention Center, Atlantic City NJ on June 21, 2017, he said, “With the changing trends and statistics in healthcare, we are refocusing our mission and vision and AAPI would like to make a positive meaningful impact on the healthcare delivery system. What we discuss today on ‘Healthcare Beyond 2020’ and recommend will be presented to the US lawmakers on behalf AAPI, who represent almost 100,000 physicians of Indian origin.”
Anwar Feroz, Honorary Advisor of AAPI, moderated the CEOs Forum, consisting of a very diverse group of leaders representing a broad segment of society, said, said, the Forum was  being organized with a view to create an opportunity to discuss and gain key insights and perspectives and the recommendations that were suggested by the distinguished panel will be presented in the form of a white paper to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Lawmakers in Washington, DC as they are in the midst of drafting a Healthcare Bill, replacing Obama Care.
The CEO Forum focused on the changing trends in the healthcare sector and how they impact the providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical, medical devices, technology and corporations as well as the patients. The Forum offered insights into managing efficiently the growing costs in the delivery of healthcare services.
Panelists who provided their insightful thoughts on the issues included, Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director Apollo Hospital Group; Dr. Arthur Klein, President & CEO Mt.Sinai Health Network;. William W. Pinsky, MD, President and CEO, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG); Dr. Humayun Chaudhry, President and CEO, Federation of State Medical Boards; Chintu Patel, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Amneal Pharmaceuticals; Robert Levine, Executive Vice President & COO, Flushing Hospital NY; Suresh Venkatachari, Chairman and CEO at 8K Miles Software Services Inc.; Amit ”Al” Limaye Logistic Solutions, Inc (LSI); Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Padma Shri Awardee, Philanthropist, CEO Parikh Worldwide Media; Dr. Amit Powar, Chief Executive Officer of Reading Health Physician Network (RHPN); Saleem Iqbal, CEO, President and Director Habib-American Bank; Neal Simon, President American University of Antigua; Manjul Bhargava, R. Brandon Fradd Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University, Dr. Madhu Aggarwal, Chair, BOT of AAPI; and Dr. Ajay Lodha, President of AAPI.
The round table discussion focused on two areas: innovation in healthcare and healthcare policy. Speakers shared their views with passion on innovation, emerging medical technology, new drug delivery pathways, newer medications, and medical equipment. “Technology is changing the way healthcare is delivered,” Sangita Reddy said. “However, it’s  the mindset of the people that shapes the system. Technology is a tool in the hands of the physicians empowering them to provide the best care for patients.”

A section of the audience at the gala
Suresh Venkatachari of India Abroad said, “Technology is a game changer. The Cloud innovation has a tremendous impact on how healthcare is delivered.” While acknowledging that technology is not a substitute for human power, he added, “Technology helps make human lives better.” The importance of telemedicine was another major topic discussed during the Forum. Neal Simon referred to numerous rural areas across the United States that could benefit from telemedicine. “Use technology wisely for new discovery,” he said.
Another area of discussion was on AAPI’s views on healthcare policy even as the new administration is determined to abolish “Obama Care.” As leaders in healthcare delivery system, the panelists were asked to offer their perspectives that a robust health plan must have to enable business to deliver quality and affordable health plan. Panelists shared their views on individual ownership and responsibility for wellness and prevention vs. entitlement and Government role in healthcare. Other recommendations that came out of the panel included the need for portability of insurance across state lines and of the need to increase the number of medical schools and Residency slots that will meet the growing needs of millions of patients around the world.
AAPI QLI host committee being honored at the convention

Later on, at the inaugural gala attended by nearly 1,000 participants from around the nation, Dr. Ajay Lodha while welcoming delegates to the 35th annual convention praised the hard work and efforts of AAPI host chapter, AAPI QLI and members from several other chapters. Describing AAPI as his extended family, Dr. Lodha called AAPI QLI as his own family, and thanked them for their dedication and leadership in hosting the convention.

Elaborating on the efforts and preparations that have been devoted to put together this unique event, Raj Bhayani, MD, 2017 Convention Chair, said. “We have been working hard to put together an attractive program for our annual get together, educational activity and family enjoyment. I and the Co-Chairs are fortunate to have a dedicated team of convention committee members from the Tri-State region helping us. We are happy to have a record turnout and active participation of all delegates at the convention.”
“We have come a long way since the inauguration of the first ever gala of the AAPI QLI Chapter, with a few dozen physicians joining in to give shape to this noble initiative by Association of Physicians of Indian Origin in the state of New York,” Dr. Rakeesh Dua said. Today, I am so proud to welcome you all, on behalf of the hundreds of physicians and fellows of Indian origin, representing AAPI QLI, the largest Chapter of AAPI with nearly 800 members. AAPI’s
AAPI QLI Chapter has been actively engaged in harnessing the power of Indian Diaspora.”
Saleem Iqbal, CEO, President and Director Habib-American Bank, presented a detailed description of similarities between AAPI and his Bank and invited the AAPI delegates to utlize the financial services offered by Habib Bank. Dr. Richared A. Shlofmitz, Chairman, Department of cardiology at St. Francis Hospital, Roselyn, NY gave an insightful talk on Precision PCI. The evening concluded with a delicious dinner and a mesmerizing classical rendition by Pandit Jasraj and was followed by a musical nite by Kailash Kher that went beyond midnight.
The 35th annual American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) Convention 2017 is being held at brand new state of the art Convention Centre, the prestigious Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey from June 21 – 25, 2017. Many of the physicians who are attending this convention have excelled in different specialties and subspecialties and occupy high positions as faculty members of medical schools, heads of departments, and executives of hospital staff.
The AAPI Convention offers an opportunity to meet directly with physicians who are leaders in their fields and play an integral part in the decision-making process regarding new products and services. “Physicians and healthcare professionals from across the country and internationally are participating in the scholarly exchange of medical advances, to develop health policy agendas, and to encourage legislative priorities in the coming year. We are so excited to have a record turn out in Atlantic City, New Jersey!” said Dr. Ajay Lodha.  For more details, please visit: www.aapiconvention.org  and www.aapiusa.org
Picture Captions;
1.      CEO Forum discussing Healthcare Beyond 2020 during the inaugural day of AAPI’s 35th annual convention
2.      Dr. Ajay Lodha welcoming the delegates at the inaugural dinner gala
3.      AAPI QLI host committee being honored at the convention
4.      AAPI leaders at the podium on the inaugural nite
5.      A section of the audience at the gala
6.      Pt. Jasraj performing at the inaugural nite gala during AAPI’s 35th annual convention

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