Gujarat and Maharashtra Day celebrated at Times Square

Gujarat and Maharashtra Day celebrated at Times Square
The second annual show which went over two hours saw a terrific turnout, to celebrate the foundation of the two states, Gujarat and Maharashtra Day, here on the iconic Times Square on Sunday April 29. Last year, at the inaugural joint celebrations of Maharashtra Day and Gujarat Day at Times Square, a heavy downpour made the event a bit muted, as revelers and tourists made a beeline for cover.
A sizeable crowd thronged around cultural performances and free workshops. Times Square rang with the sounds a band of Dhol Tasha Lezhim artists, dressed in colorful traditional attire, who also attracted passers-by from around the world to stop and watch their performance. Maharashtra Day commemorates the formation of the state when the earlier Bombay State was divided on May 1 1960.
This year, the cultural festival saw 60 performers. There were 200 invited guests from Tristate area and Philadelphia. In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted Gujarat and Maharashtra on the eve of their Foundation Day on May 1, speaking via video conference to the members of diaspora.
“I congratulate the citizens of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Both the states have striven to reach the heights of progress continually, contributed to the development of the nation and a number of great people have born in both states have continuously inspired us,” Modi said in his monthly radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

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