Gift of Life USA launched in New York

Gift of Life USA Inc. (GOL), a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in Long Island, New York, for health and education benefits for specially-abled, was launched with a gala dinner at Leonard’s Palazzo, Great Neck, NY on April 23.
GOL ( founders Paresh Parekh and Flora Parekh, who are both Indian Americans, presented a detailed overview of the inspiration, mission and vision of the organization.
“At Gift of Life USA, we aim at working in support of the ones with special needs, creating awareness, encouraging talent of the specially-abled, providing and assisting with needed resources, to help them be better, socially acceptable, self-respectable, self-supporting individuals and generating services in the long term. This is just the beginning,” the duo said.
“Our goal is to have a better, healthier and happier world for children and adults everywhere – especially for the specially-abled,” said GOL treasurer and host Harshil Parekh, at the gala.
The event was inaugurated with a traditional lamp lighting by key founders, committee members, volunteers, supporters and community leaders. Award winning disability advocate, author and speaker Kerry Magro – who was diagnosed with a type of autism at the age of four, and who has talked at over 700 events – was the keynote speaker for the evening.
A group of specially abled (physically disabled) , blind performers and/or  performers with other physical disabilities entertained the audience at the Gala in an effort to support and promote their exceptional talent. “Our immediate vision to support these specially abled at Gala as well as our ongoing efforts to promote our mission and vision through various programs, will be efficiently possible through your generous donation,” the organizers said.
 “Your generous support and motivation, to help accomplish our goals and grow further will come a long way. Any and every $ is important but we have outlined some nominal numbers in an effort to support our Gala. We aim at helping some after school activities for special children as well as provision some academic scholarships to the deserved,” they added.

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