Pratibha Jairath’s Bollywood Sargam presents Valentine’s Day Party

Chicago IL: Pratibha Jairath’s Bollywood Sargam presented Valentine party at Ashton place in a romantic style with red roses at the entrance of the banquet hall, and was attended by over 200 guests. For couples, romantics and sky-watchers, Valentine’s Day 2017 was perfect. A full moon greeted lovers and sweethearts on this special day. Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day observed on February 14 each year

The evening started with welcome from Anoop Walia. He introduced the host of the evening, Pratibha Jairath as a person who brings community together by her persona, her energy and her desire to touch everyone’s heart. He spoke of her journey, as to how she started planning Sangeet and choreographing dances for her close circles. He eluted to her recent successful NYE show.

With romantic old and new numbers by Pratibha Jairath, who was joined by Raju Bankapur, a well-known singer, charming the audience. The party was in full swing with numbers like Baby Doll, Chittiyaan Kalaiyan, Om shanti Om and Deewangi, Gulabi Aankhen and so on. The duets like Tum hi ho, Soch Na sake, Tere sang yaara brought lovely couples to floor for waltz dancing. This was then followed by some very nice listening numbers by Dr. Manohar Jethani such as Pal Pal dil ke paas, Ek ladki ko Dakha and so on. People requested some more wonderful unique numbers from Dr. Jethani.

Ashika Kalra sought help with her project to help schools back home through her Vidya Dan project. Loomba of Home Mortgage Loan Solutions was the grand sponsor for Vidya dan project and he said he will take care of the first part of her project and students will have a great library of books.

The sumptuous dinner was followed by an interesting surprise like Belly dancer with Candalbra and folks cheered her on at Mahiya mahiya song’s fusion dance. Jairath presented the audience with the Bollywood dress up and fashion walk which was loved by the audience.

Shobhana Patel, said, “I am happy to be here on this occasion as this gives me an opportunity to impress my boyfriend.” “Due to our hectic schedule, we hardly get quality time to spend with each other,” Sonia Shah, an IT Engineer from Schaumburg IL. “Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to make that time and get the romance back.”

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