TAGC Celebrates 45th Anniversary, Ugadhi & Sri Ramanavami

TAGC Celebrates 45th Anniversary, Ugadhi & Sri Ramanavami

Chicago IL: TAGC, described as the first ever Telugu Association in world celebrated its 45th Anniversary celebrations along with Ugadhi and Sri Ramanavami festivals on May 7th 2016 at Bartlett High School with blessings of his holiness Sri Devanatha Ramanija Jeeyar Swamiji. S. S. Thaman from Tollywood performed non-stop music for three hours live in concert with his best singers on this occasion. President, Pradeep Kandimalla on this occasion urged TAGC members to come together by respecting their regional differences in India to build their future in America. He strongly believes that associations are built upon 3 pillars such as Members, Sponsors and Volunteers, he said.

TAGC is a volunteer organization, without their priceless effort event would not have happened. So on this occasion, President took opportunity to thank every volunteer who helped in organizing and making this event a grand success.

Excellent cultural programs were organized by TAGC cultural team under guidance of Sai Gongati, Sujatha Katta, and Bindhu Gongati. Uma Avadutha, Swetha Janamanchi, Vani Yetrintala and Team helped with the event. First time in history, TAGC honored classical teachers, and Vandana Reddy coordinated classical teacher’s felicitation. Hospitality services were provided by Praveen Vemulapalli, Subhash Kakkera, Narender Chemarla, Anji Kandimalla, Avinash Lathupally, Ranga Reddy, Hari Raini and team.

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